October 30th World Uchinānchu Day

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October 30th is World Uchinānchu Day and to celebrate there will be a two-part live talk show with special guests Alberto Shiroma (Diamantes) and entertainer Ryuchell. The talk show will be an in-person event (subject to change) and it will also be live-streamed! It looks like the talk show is being produced by the same team behind the 7th Worldwide Uchinānchu Festival so they will also be doing a presentation and award ceremony for its official theme song. We’ve been waiting to see/hear the official theme song and to see who the lucky musician is. Here’s a link (YouTube) to last year’s event.

i-Dushi on NHK Okinawa’s “Uchinaa de Asobo”

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While the duo is currently on hiatus, they made an appearance on NHK Okinawa’s “Uchinaa de Asobo” show which aired on 9/24 with a second showing on 10/1. They have kept archives of past video segments like the stories, songs, and theatre (Koja Misako’s in the “Ganchoo” episode!) so we’re hoping that they’ll upload i-Dushi’s appearance too.