Takako Uehara is the New Image Character for Sokenbicha

Will 2007 be Takako Uehara‘s (24, ex-SPEED) year? The J-Pop singer has a best-of album “départ ∼takako uehara single collection∼” (AVCD-16120 [CD-only version], AVCD-16119/B [CD+DVD version]) set to be released on March 14th and on February 5th we’ll have a chance to see her as the image character for Coca-Cola Japan’s Sokenbicha drink. Now who besides me is looking forward to watching the CM (commercial) and hearing her sing the Sokenbicha♪ jingle? Hello? Anyone out there? 😛 [Via nikkansports.com.]

No Snap for You!

I’m not sure if any of you will miss it, but I disabled Snap previews. If you want it back, leave me a comment and I’ll think about it.

Whatever Happened to the DotW?

A feature of my previous Okinawan pop culture blogs was the DotW, or the Discography of the Week. Long time readers of my blogs know that although I called it DotW, entries were posted rather sporadically (mostly due to the amount of free time I had to work on the discography) and the main focus of the artist discography was the romanization of album tracks and links (if available) to the artist’s website. I also added in a little tidbit of information on the background of some of the artists. Well, I think it’s time that I brought this feature back to the blog. Oh, and there’s “one more thing” that I’ll add this time around, samples.

Pages Problem Fixed

So I added a new one. 😀 It’s my long overdue attempt at a filmography for movies that were shot on location in Okinawa. Enjoy! (Thank goodness for the WordPress.com forums.)

No Pages?!

Okay, looks like Karakui’s not alone. Other users are writing about not being able to access their Pages in the WordPress.com forums. Oh well, nothing we can do but wait.

We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Sorry folks. Looks like my post on Meisa brought the blog down to its knees and now the other pages (“About” & “Artist Links”) are no longer functioning correctly (i.e., both of them show up as the main blog index page). Both of the pages are still editable so this may just be temporary. We’ll see.

Meisa Kuroki Desktop for Collagen Water

Meisa Kuroki Asahi Beverage Desktop

Some of our Hawaii readers may recognize Meisa Kuroki as the heroine in the J-drama “Aru Ai no Uta (Song of Love)” which was featured as a KIKU-TV 2007 New Year special. The 18 year-old hapa (her father is American, mother is Japanese, and Meisa Kuroki is her stage name) model/actress is steadily gaining popularity and here she is as the image character for a drink from Asahi Soft Drinks called Collagen Water (I’ll leave testing the drink to you guys 😛 ). There are four different desktops available for download over here. [Via 壁紙fan!]

Risa Niigaki, Ready for the Spotlight?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Niigaki Risa boom has come.

Some crazy points here, coming from a huge Gaki-san fan. Apologies in advance if this sounded bias.

Old news made new. Way back (I think a couple months) before Yossie’s graduation announcement, read from somewhere that there were some ‘insider’ rumour from internal staffs, that Yoshizawa Hitomi, Fujimoto Miki and Takahashi Ai have their solo plans scheduled already. Was it true? Now Yossie’s gone, two to go. When? This year? Next year? I don’t know. But one thing’s for sure, the year 2007 has to be Gaki-san’s time to shine. (Read the complete article at Jinryuichi’s blog.)

When I first saw “Gaki-san” (Risa’s nickname) in the group I read her last name as “Arakaki” and was surprised to find that it’s actually read as “Niigaki”. Her place of birth is Yokohama, not Okinawa, but her grandmother lives there and it’s also her favorite place in Japan.

[Via Feed of Pop.]