Miura Daichi’s “Colorful” for Team Coca-Cola Reaches 1M Views

Miura Daichi participated in a group project for Team Coca-Cola with other pop artists and the song “Colorful” has reached over 1 million views on YouTube. The music video had its YouTube premiere on 7/19 along with a single that’s available on all streaming platforms. He’s the first artist on the video so you can’t miss him!

Live Camera Views in Okinawa

Missing Okinawa and looking for something to waste your time watch on YouTube? Search no further as we’re sharing three live camera views from Okinawa.

  • The first live camera is a view of Kokusai-dori in Naha from the Ryukyu Shimpo building. Link.
  • The second live camera is a view of the underwater observatory “real aquarium” of the Busena Marine Park in Nago from the RBC Channel. Link.
  • The final live camera is a view of Naha Airport (includes sound) from the RBC News channel. Link.

Know of any other live cameras in Okinawa? Share your link in the comments!

Shimabukuro Hiroko’s New Single “Something Great”

via Twitter

Coming ahead of SPEED’s 25th anniversary tribute album, Shimabukuro Hiroko released a new single on 8/5 “Something Great”. The digital single is available on all streaming platforms (gotta love it). She mentions in a tweet that it’s a strange feeling to have released a new song in the 25th year (her last release was in 2013 although has been holding live concerts since going solo). It’s a nice song so please be sure to add it to your playlist!

First SPEED Tribute Album Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary

via Twitter

We can’t believe that this is the group’s first tribute album but what better time than during their 25th anniversary? Set to be released on 11/11, “SPEED SPIRITS” will feature fellow Uchinanchu ISSA (DA PUMP) and BENI. The entire list of artists hasn’t been revealed yet so hopefully we’ll see more artists from Uchinaa.

HY Releases The First Take Singles

HY have done two The First Take videos with their song “366days” being the channel’s 100th and it also happens to be during the band’s 20th anniversary. The second video was for their song “Good Bye“. Now both songs are available on music streaming services! It’s amazing knowing that the recordings are live and in one take. Links to both songs are on the band’s tweet.

THE FIRST TAKE is a YouTube Channel dedicated to shooting musicians and singers performing in a single take. ONE TAKE ONLY, ONE LIFE ONLY.

By the way, now that Nakasone Izumi has her own YouTube channel and we know of her personality, it can make it more interesting to see her in singing form. 😊