Remote Eisaa Festival 2020 Rebroadcast

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With the cancellation of this year’s eisaa festivities, Campus Records is rebroadcasting their Remote Eisaa Festival 2020 on their YouTube channel! They have also launched a Remote Eisaa Festival website with an online store (sadly, no overseas shipping) and are accepting donations (“throwing money”).

Speaking of Campus Records, they’ve been releasing a lot of great content on their YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe.

Gori Shares His 8 Favorite Songs from Okinawa

Gori’s YouTube Channel

His staff had to get his favorite awamori into his system and once that was done Gori was ready to announce his 8 recommended songs from Okinawa (Uchinanchu artists). So without further ado, here’s his list in the order that he announced it (links go to YouTube videos):

His comments on why he chose each song is worth checking out too so be sure to watch his video.

Miura Daichi’s “Colorful” for Team Coca-Cola Reaches 1M Views

Miura Daichi participated in a group project for Team Coca-Cola with other pop artists and the song “Colorful” has reached over 1 million views on YouTube. The music video had its YouTube premiere on 7/19 along with a single that’s available on all streaming platforms. He’s the first artist on the video so you can’t miss him!

Live Camera Views in Okinawa

Missing Okinawa and looking for something to waste your time watch on YouTube? Search no further as we’re sharing three live camera views from Okinawa.

  • The first live camera is a view of Kokusai-dori in Naha from the Ryukyu Shimpo building. Link.
  • The second live camera is a view of the underwater observatory “real aquarium” of the Busena Marine Park in Nago from the RBC Channel. Link.
  • The final live camera is a view of Naha Airport (includes sound) from the RBC News channel. Link.

Know of any other live cameras in Okinawa? Share your link in the comments!

HY Releases The First Take Singles

HY have done two The First Take videos with their song “366days” being the channel’s 100th and it also happens to be during the band’s 20th anniversary. The second video was for their song “Good Bye“. Now both songs are available on music streaming services! It’s amazing knowing that the recordings are live and in one take. Links to both songs are on the band’s tweet.

THE FIRST TAKE is a YouTube Channel dedicated to shooting musicians and singers performing in a single take. ONE TAKE ONLY, ONE LIFE ONLY.

By the way, now that Nakasone Izumi has her own YouTube channel and we know of her personality, it can make it more interesting to see her in singing form. 😊

Nanaironote’s “Gurenge” Uchinaaguchi Cover

They really hyped this one making it a YouTube Premiere event and now we can finally see the Uchinaaguchi cover of “Gurenge” from the hit anime series “Demon Slayer“. The shot all in one take music video features the singer Maedo Niina (she’s also a model and radio personality), the amazing Nakamine Yoshimori on sanshin, among others. Perhaps the biggest star is the use of Ryukyu Mura for the music video’s location.

They disabled sharing the video outside of YouTube so here’s the link.

Nema Ui’s New Single “Aoao”

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Following last month’s release of her single “Umi Watari” (which is still in our heavy rotation playlist), VTuber Nema Ui announced a new single called “Aoao” (8/2 release date). The song is composed by HY’s guitarist/vocalist Shinzato Hideyuki so we’re sure it’ll be amazing.

In addition to the release of “Aoao”, Ui is also celebrating reaching 60K subs on her YouTube channel!

Miss Okinawa’s Popular YouTube Channel

Due to the pandemic, the three 39th Miss Okinawa Iwamoto Kana (Sky Blue), Yamazato Hikaru (Cobalt Blue), and Shinzato Mizuki (Clean Green Gracious), looked to YouTube to fulfill their duty of promoting and showcasing many of Okinawa’s businesses and locations. Their work has paid off as they have grown their channel to over 2K subs since starting last June. Their videos feature foods and beverages that are unique to Okinawa (like the bukubukucha video below), visits to various locations on Okinawa, and several cultural activities like learning Ryukyu buyou (dance). They have also hosted livestreams too.

Miss Okinawa makes bukubukucha

With over 100 videos and new ones being released several times a week, there’s a lot to watch and choose from. The timing is also perfect with the next year’s World Uchinanchu Festival coming up. What better way to find out where the most trendy restaurants and locations are to add to your bucket list. Their goal is to reach 10,000 subs so be sure to subscribe (link below).

Miss Okinawa no Okinawa Kankou TV on YouTube