Blogs worth subscribing to from Vision Factory’s artists

Vision Factory, which manages artists like J-hip-pop queen Namie Amuro, has a listing of blogs (Namie is unfortunately not on the list) up on their site. The great thing is that a few of these blogs contain video clips (so they’re closer to vlogs). Below are a few of my faves:

  1. hiro (ex-SPEED) – ‘Constanze e no Michi’ (in reference to her current role as Mozart’s wife in the musical “Mozart”)
  2. HITOE (ex-SPEED) – ‘HITOE-ryu Ikikata’
  3. Lina (MAX)‘MAX LINA Offical Blog’
  4. Manami Higa‘Kyou mo Hare ya ka’
  5. Rina Chinen‘Icharibachoo Day!!’
  6. Ryoko Kuninaka‘Dougatsuushin’ — only one post so far (dated 10/24/07) so let’s hope it picks up before the year is over
  7. Takako Uehara (ex-SPEED) – ‘Oriibupan’