Miss Okinawa YouTube Channel Premieres a Video Entirely in Uchinaaguchi

Miss Okinawa’s YouTube Channel

Up till now, the Miss Okinawa YouTube channel focused primarily on places to eat and visit while in Okinawa (which happens to be the main part of their job) but they recently released a video entirely in Uchinaaguchi and in 4K! (Yes, they as most other Uchinaa YouTubers still use Okinawa Hougen instead of Uchinaaguchi. Sigh.) The video is wonderfully narrated by Komine Wakako of the Miyagi-ryu Toyobukai Miyagiryuubu Kenkyuujo.

BTS’s Dynamite in Uchinaa-guchi

What better example of Ryukyuan pop culture than this cover of K-pop group BTS‘s super-catchy Dynamite sung in Uchinaa-guchi? The brilliant cover is by Toume Yoshiaki (Usumasa Okinawa) who is an uta-sanshin player, Okinawa shibai actor, and a Ryukyuan Dance performer. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter. I’m looking forward to see what he comes up with in the future.