Fuji TV producing documentary drama on Kamiji – Tokyograph

Popular talento Yusuke Kamiji, part of the trio Shuchishin, will be featured in a special program on Fuji TV next year. The show is part documentary, part drama, and is based on his autobiographical essay ‘Kamiji Yusuke Monogatari’ that was published in August.

The majority of the program will focus on Kamiji’s days in middle school, when his life revolved around baseball. The show will also feature people close to him talking about his life, and Kamiji will of course make an appearance as himself. The actor playing his childhood self will be chosen by audition in December, with Kamiji participating in the selection.

Fuji TV plans to broadcast the special sometime next spring.

(Link: Fuji TV producing documentary drama on Kamiji – Tokyograph.)

Yusuke (family has roots in Miyakojima) is currently starring in Fuji TV’s J-drama “Celeb to Binbo Taro” which also stars Aya Ueto (mother is from Ishigakijima) and Ryoko Kuninaka.