Oricon: Amuro retains “kogao queen” title – Tokyograph

Oricon’s “kogao queen” survey has become an annual tradition. For the fourth year, the research firm surveyed a total of a thousand men and women, asking them to rank the female celebrities that they associated with the “small face” beauty trend.

For the third consecutive year, singer Namie Amuro ranked #1, followed by actress Manami Konishi. […]

(Via Tokyograph.)

Also on the list, just making it at #9, is Aya Ueto.

Looking into Meisa Kuroki’s alluring eyes

The “Bright Eyes” promotion committee recently conducted an internet-based survey of 500 men and women in their 20s and 30s, collecting their opinions on beauty with regard to eyes. One of the questions asked them to identify female celebrities with attractive eyes.

The #1 answer was actress Meisa Kuroki (21), followed by Kou Shibasaki (27) and Yukie Nakama (29). All three are said to possess the “golden ratio” of 1:2:1, which refers to the size of the iris compared to the white areas of the eye. One of the survey questions found that 44% favored the 1:2:1 ratio. The survey also found that men and women preferred large black irises. […]

(Via Tokyograph.)

Also making the top ten list is actress/singer Yui Aragaki at #7. So three of the ten in the list (Meisa Kuroki, Yukie Nakama and Yui Aragaki) are from Okinawa. Hmm.