Gakky works with Ghibli for new single – Tokyograph

Actress Yui Aragaki is collaborating with Studio Ghibli for her upcoming single, ‘piece.’ Ghibli’s Yoshiyuki Momose directed the title song’s music video, as well as contributing art for the CD jacket.

The collaboration came about after Aragaki served as the guide of an NHK music program last May that focused on Disney and Ghibli songs. An offer to produce the music video was given in November, and Momose agreed after hearing the song. Momose’s previous work includes ‘Ghiblies Episode 2’ and music videos for artists such as capsule.

In addition to the animated music video, a second live-action video is also being made. Likewise, the CD jacket will come in three flavors – one illustrated by Aragaki, one illustrated by Momose, and one featuring a photo of Aragaki’s face.

‘piece’ goes on sale February 25.

(Link: Gakky works with Ghibli for new single – Tokyograph.)

Wow. Gakky. Studio Ghibli. capsule. That should be enough to say that this is going to be one awesome single.