All-Star Musicians Gather for Sanlele’s Day

Sanlele’s Day on YouTube

Sanlele’s Day is the 30th of August and for this year a group of all-star musicians got together to perform the song “Dumifa no Uta”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the sanlele, it was created by Alberto Shiroma (Diamantes) and Machidaya (Yomitan village) to be a combination of the sanshin “san” and the ukulele “lele”. The all-star band (all from Yomitan) features Alberto Shiroma on sanlele, Kinjo Ayano (Kiroro) on piano, Nagamine Yoshiaki (Kyan Marie, Medusa) on guitar, and Kiyosaku (Mongol800) on bass.

Sanshin + Ukulele = Sanlele and the Amazing Kouei Tsuha

Elisa over at oki yo! blogged about the sanlele about a week ago and I’ve been meaning to reblog about here at The funny thing is that Norman-sensei and I was talking about Kouei Tsuha (son of minyou singer Koutoku Tsuha) several weeks ago and it was a nice coincidence that he was the artist featured in the YouTube clip (above).

Getting back to the sanlele, the instrument is a three-stringed ukulele with the same tuning and positioning as a sanshin (similar to K.Yairi x BEGIN’s Ichigo Ichie guitar). Check out the sanlele website for more information as well as their YouTube channel.

(Via oki yo!)