Nema Ui’s New Single “Umi Watari”

When the single was first announced on Nema Ui’s Twitter, it was only available domestically 😿 and with a new tweet it’s now available to international fans too! 😻 Needless to day, it’s on 🔂 all-day for me and hopefully they’ll embed lyrics for it on Apple Music so we can singalong.

Nema Ui’s “Umi Watari” YouTube Shorts

It was also recently revealed that the song will be a collaboration with Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko for the 10,000 Eisa Dancers Parade (一万人エイサー).

Learn the Eisa Moves with Nema Ui on YouTube

New Music Releases

New singles and albums released in June 2021

Fukuda Yasuyuki’s “-Okinawa wo Wasurenaide-“

2021.06.03 [EP] Fukuda Yasuyuki – Okinawa wo Wasurenaide (Link)

2021.06.15 [Single] Nacil & Johnny Ginowan – Kanpai Okinawa (Indies)

2021.06.23 [Album] Matsubara Tadayuki – Churaumi, Churashima -Ayagu, Miyako no Uta- (Link)

2021.06.23 [Single] Rude-α – Jounetsu no Uta (Link)

2021.06.25 [Single] Nema Ui – Umi Watari (Link)

2021.06.30 [Single] ORANGE RANGE – HEALTH (Link)

Rude-α’s New Single

via Twitter

Rapper Rude-α has a new single “Jōnetsu no Uta” released on June 23rd (which happened to also be Irei no Hi). The song will be the theme song to Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting’s “2021 Sokuhō! ! Mezase Kōshien!” show.

While we wait for its release, check out his catalog on Apple Music. I’m especially fond of “Aijobusoku“, a collab with singer Anly.

Kamiya Chihiro Announces Upcoming New Album

It was teased on Twitter but fans all knew that Kamiya Chihiro is working on a new album that follows her 3rd album “Utaui” (which is amazing) released in 2012. The upcoming new album “Utayui” is slated to be released in August and has a total of 10 tracks. Like her previous release, the album will have Ryukyu minyou (folk) songs rearranged as well as original songs. The album jacket is forthcoming.

Keep on top of the latest Kamiya Chihiro news on Twitter and check out her website. 2012’s “Utaui” is available on Apple Music in Lossless!

MAX Announces New Single for July 28th

via Twitter

They’ve been busy with their YouTube channel and now we have word that MAX is releasing their 37th single on July 28th! Their previous single, Parthenon, was released two years ago during the summer and it was an upbeat dance tune. The new single is yet-to-be-named but they’re promising it’ll be a banger to make everyone happy this summer.

Nenes Announce Upcoming Album “Gajumaru” for June Release

via Twitter

Nenes has a new album that’s planned to be released on June 23rd! The album titled “Gajumaru” will be a self-cover album and we’re still awaiting details for the track list. Given that they have an enormous catalog of songs to choose from (1990 was the first generation Nenes — they’re currently on the 6th generation!), it would have been interesting if they let the fans choose a few of the songs. Maybe they’ll do one of those the next time. 😊

The group mainly use the Twitcasting platform for their streamed shows but they also have a YouTube channel with short clips. Sadly, currently none of their new material is available on Apple Music 🇺🇸 so we’ll have to look to importing the CD.

DA PUMP’s Oh! My Precious!

The boys are back with a new single and music video for their song Oh! My Precious! released on May 26th. The new song follows their March release Dream on the street so they’ve been on a steady release schedule for 2021.

Floating Room’s Upcoming EP “Shima”

Floating Room was recently featured in an NPR article for 11 Oregon Artists to Watch in 2021 and this little bit got me really excited:

Floating Room is set to release an EP called Shima on Famous Class Records in November.

I’m looking forward to listening to Shima and I have so many questions about it that will hopefully be answered when it’s released. Floating Room’s latest EP is Tired and True (just started listening to it again 😊) and it’s available on streaming services and on bandcamp.

RED SOUL’s Three New Singles

Hip-hop group RED SOUL (from Kadena 🤗) released three new singles on June 2nd. The singles are Noguni Sokan, FAIYĀ, and MY DREAM, and they have the full version of FAIYĀ up on their YouTube channel.

I hope they’ll have a video up of Noguni Sokan which is the single I’m most interested in listening to the lyrics of.