Latest Rough Guide Album Includes Uchinānchu Artists

Album Art for The Rough Guide

Recently released Rough Guide series includes songs from Uchinānchu artists as well as performers of Uchinā music. There was also a Rough Guide for the music of Okinawa released in 2006 but it’s only available in CD format at this time.

A wonderfully diverse collection exploring some of Japan’s lesser-known contemporary styles by artists rooted in tradition. From the female divas of the southern Ryukyu islands to the minyo revivalists Boomdigi, Aragehonzi and Tsukudanaka Sanpachi, this is an album full of intrigue and surprises.

Currently available on all music streaming services “The Rough Guide to the Best Japanese Music You’ve Never Heard“.

Lucy’s Okinawan Upbeat Music Singles

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The Qwotchee Records digital releases continue with a couple of singles from the amazing artist Lucy. The singles are “Hounen Ondo” and “Hiyamikachi Bushi” (not available globally) — note that they’re using the same cover art for both songs but one has a blue overlay (“Hounen Ondo”) and the other a red overlay (“Hiyamikachi Bushi”). Lucy has an amazing voice so be sure to check it out!

New Music Releases

New singles and albums released in August 2021

What at lazz’s “Sumaho wa Shimatte Dance Night”

2021.08.02 [Single] Nema Ui – Aoao (Link)

2021.08.04 [Single] MATSURI – HOTARU (Link)

2021.08.04 [Compilation Album] Hajime Chitose – Tokotowa (Link)

2021.08.04 [Single] Off The Care – Li-Li-Go (Link)

2021.08.04 [Single] Anly – Cancel Machi no Koi (Link)

2021.08.05 [Single] hiro (SPEED) – Something Great (Link)

2021.08.11 [Single] all at once (music composed by Nakasone Izumi of HY) – Toshi wo Kasanete (Link)

2021.08.11 [Album] Kamiya Chihiro – Utayui (Link)

2021.08.13 [Single] AI – In The Middle (feat. Daichi Miura) (Link)

2021.08.25 [Remix Album] HY & DJ HASEBE – HONEY meets ISLAND CAFE presents HY Ocean Blue Sound -The Surf Remixes- (Link)

New Music Releases

Hamagawa Yuuri’s “Umi no Kanata” MV

New singles and albums released in July 2021

2021.07.07 [Single] Tamashiro Chiharu (Kiroro) – Inochi no Ki (Link)

2021.07.07 [Single] 7ORDER (music composed by NAOTO & HIROKI of ORANGE RANGE) – SUMMER Samasama (Link)

2021.07.15 [Single] Kamiya Chihiro – Eisa-Medley (Link)

2021.07.29 [Single] Hamagawa Yuuri – Umi no Kanata (Link)

2021.07.29 [Album] Nakamura Shugo – NATURAL (Link)

2021.07.30 [Single] MAX – Do Shot (Link)

Yano Kenji’s Back Catalog Coming Soon?

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With the recent re-releases of Takara Records Store’s in-house labels (Qwotchee Records, Chikuten) it looks like musician Yano Kenji’s back catalog is up next! I tried the link to Apple Music but sadly it’s still not available overseas but hopefully it’s only a matter of time? We can look forward to the album above (“Sanshin Plays Okinawan Songs”) as well as “Sanshin Island Cafe” and “Sakura Songs on Ukulele”.

The Sanshin Cafe Orchestra’s “Okinawan Cafe Music”

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On August 11 The Sanshin Cafe Orchestra’s “Okinawan Cafe Music” album was released on music streaming services. The 2001 album is from a label created by Takara Records Store and they plan to release more of the catalog! The instrumental album is described as traditional meets ambient music — it’s definitely chill cafe music and it’s as fresh as it was 20 years ago.