Awich’s “Queendom” EP Gets Postponed

via Twitter

Announced on Awich’s Twitter is the postponement of her upcoming EP “Queendom” due to production reasons (no doubt due to the pandemic). The EP was set to be released on the 24th of this month but at least she was able to get out her new single “Kuchi ni Dashite” (album art is featured above) which was released on 8/27. She’ll keep us updated as soon as a date is confirmed.

Rude-α’s New Single

via Twitter

Rapper Rude-α has a new single “Jōnetsu no Uta” released on June 23rd (which happened to also be Irei no Hi). The song will be the theme song to Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting’s “2021 Sokuhō! ! Mezase Kōshien!” show.

While we wait for its release, check out his catalog on Apple Music. I’m especially fond of “Aijobusoku“, a collab with singer Anly.

Daichi Miura’s new single to hit store shelves on 2/11/09

Former J-pop group Folder lead vocalist, Daichi Miura, will be releasing a new single titled “Your Love feat. KREVA” on February 11, 2009. The new single will be released almost seven months after his most recent single, “Inside Your Head,” which was released on July of this year. “Your Love feat. KREVA” will pair him with the rapper (of course we’re talking about KREVA here) and with the recent popularity of feat. singles, there’s a good chance that the song will be a hit.

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