YouTube: Namie Amuro feat. Tomohisa Yamashita “Unusual”

[updated] Video is no longer available since Avex pulled it. Hopefully, Avex will release an official version that fans can view.

PV of Namie Amuro’s song “Unusual” (featuring Tomohisa Yamashita) from her upcoming best collaboration album “Checkmate!” which will be released on March 23, 2011.

(Via @fyiMango.)

Fuzzy Control & DREAMS COME TRUE

One great thing to come out of Fuzzy Control‘s joining DCT records (DREAMS COME TRUE‘s indie record label) is the collaborative songs between the two bands and the latest is called “Sono Saki e,” featured in the 4th season of the J-drama “Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji.” Very catchy song and SATOKO rocks the drums!

Connection to Okinawa: Fuzzy Control’s vocalist/guitarist, JUON, was born in Okinawa.

“A.A.Aiyaiya,A.A!” is the band’s first single under the DCT records label and it—as well as its music video—are currently available on iTunes (link opens iTunes).

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR’s “good bye”

Let the comparisons between former HandMC vocalist Mākii and new vocalist Halca commence! I believe this is the second song (and first PV) to feature Halca (21) with the band and it’s a rocker. The debut single with Halca, titled “XYZ,” was released on July 7, 2009, and is currently on sale on iTunes (link opens the iTunes U.S. store). Personally, I prefer “XYZ” to “good bye” and we’ll have a chance to listen to more of the new line-up when their album “Swamp man” is released on September 2, 2009.

As was with “XYZ,” the single “good bye” will be was released as a digital single on July 29, 2009, available on iTunes. Let’s hope that we’ll see the entire album on sale as well when it hits on 9/2/09. “Swamp man” will feature both songs as well as eight other tracks.