UHM Department of Anthropology Colloquium Series

The Department of Anthropology Colloquium Series:

U.S. Military Bases and Funshi (Feng Shui): The Anti-Base Movement and Community Development in Yomitan, Okinawa

Tomoaki Hara, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Shizuoka University, Japan

Thursday, April 22, 2010
3:00 PM in Crawford Hall 115, University of Hawaii at Manoa


Sounds like a very interesting topic that Tomoaki will be presenting on Thursday.

(Nifee deebitan to Char for sending it in!)

UHM Women’s Studies Colloquium Series Spring 2010

The UHM Women’s Studies Program is pleased to continue our Spring 2010 Colloquium Series with a talk by Mire Koikari (Director, UHM Women’s Studies Program), “‘I only ask this splendid group of women not to become involved in politics’: Women, Domesticity, and the Cold War in US-occupied Okinawa.” This talk is co-sponsored by the UHM Center for Okinawan Studies.

The event will take place at 2424 Maile Way, Saunders 624 (the Harry Friedman Room in the Political Science Department) Friday, April 16, 2010 from 12:30pm-2pm.


Sorry, late in posting this but please attend if you’re in the area. (Nifee deebitan to Char for the info!)

COS Lecture Series 10/1/09 & 10/2/09

Professor Masahide Ishihara will be our first speaker with two different presentation on October 1st and 2nd. Both presentation will be held in the Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319) at 3:00 pm. Professor Ishihara is a linguist at the University of the Ryukyus. More information on his talk to follow in the coming weeks.

October 1, 2009

“Two Sides of the Coin: Change in Language Attitudes Toward the Ryukyuan Languages”

October 2, 2009

“America’s English Language Policy in Occupied Okinawa and the Reactions of the People of Okinawa”

Link: Center for Okinawan Studies Lecture Series

(Nifee deebitan to Char for the info.)