Beautiful photos of Okinawa on your iPhone? There’s an app for that.

We’re big fans of Apple Inc. here so of course, we love the iPhone. For USD $0.99, you can buy an app of beautiful photos of Okinawa shot by none other than Mr. O-pop himself, Rinken Teruya (founder of all things Rinken). The app, simply called “Okinawa,” features the song “Takouyama” sung by Tomoko Uehara, …

Lina (MAX) to release photobook ‘LINA SINGS’ on 12/22

Lina (30, of the J-pop group MAX) announced on her blog the upcoming 12/22 release of her solo photobook (shashinshuu) LINA SINGS. Her fellow band mate, Reina, has already released two photobooks the latest R-017 is from 2006. (Above image comes via Lina’s blog.)