Two Uchinanchu at the top of Oricon’s most successful young star of the year

Oricon has released the results of its end-of-the-year survey asking men and women who they thought was the most successful young star of 2007. With two thousand people participating in the survey, the answers were actress Yui Aragaki and comedian Yoshio Kojima.

(Via Tokyograph: Yoshio Kojima, Gakky named this year’s top stars.)

I guess the ranking somewhat brings a little holiday cheer for the end of 2007 with the disappointment that the only Uchinanchu artist performing at this year’s “NHK Kouhaku Utagassen” will be J-rock artist Gackt. Now if only Gakky had released her debut album at the beginning of 2007… Oh well, there’s always 2008. 😉

Amuro’s ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ Makes It Her 13th Consecutive Oricon Best 10 Single

Congratulations to J-Pop diva Namie Amuro (29), whose latest single “Baby Don’t Cry” (released 2007.1.24) charted at #3 on the Oricon Single Chart making it her 13th consecutive single to reach the top 10! It’s an amazing feat when you consider that it was her 1995 single “Taiyou no SEASON” that started it all. [Via]