Oricon: Amuro retains “kogao queen” title – Tokyograph

Oricon’s “kogao queen” survey has become an annual tradition. For the fourth year, the research firm surveyed a total of a thousand men and women, asking them to rank the female celebrities that they associated with the “small face” beauty trend.

For the third consecutive year, singer Namie Amuro ranked #1, followed by actress Manami Konishi. […]

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Also on the list, just making it at #9, is Aya Ueto.

Oricon: who would you want to become? – Tokyograph

Weekly entertainment magazine ORI☆STAR polled 700 male and female readers on which famous person they would like to try being. In the men’s category, singer/actor Masaharu Fukuyama ranked first, while Namie Amuro took the top spot in the women’s category. Many of the readers expressed a wish to have similar personal experiences to those of Fukuyama and Amuro.


Among the women, many expressed their desire to have Amuro’s good looks, as well as her balanced and fashionable style. “I want to feel satisfied standing in front of a mirror wearing all kinds of outfits! She has a goddess-like style and anything looks good on her,” stated an 18-year-old female from Osaka.


(Link: Oricon: who would you want to become? – Tokyograph.)

Also appearing on the list, at #7, is Yui Aragaki.

Oricon: fashion leaders for high school girls – Tokyograph

A recent Oricon survey asked 300 high school girls, ‘Which female celebrity do you consider to be a fashion leader?’

The #1 answer was pop superstar Namie Amuro (31), noted for her cute and stylish appearance. One girl explained that Amuro always wears fashionable items in her music videos and television appearances. […]

(Link: “Oricon: fashion leaders for high school girls – Tokyograph.”)

I find it absolutely awesome that Amuro is popular with high school girls and I’m sure she also appeals to older women too.

Amuro does animated music video – Tokyograph

Namie Amuro’s new song ‘Dr.’ will be made into an anime music video. This is the first time that one of her music videos will be a fully animated work. In addition, Amuro will appear in it as an animated character.

A group of more than forty of Japan’s leading creators, deemed the ‘strongest’ in animation, was assembled for the project. Special animators from movies, commercials, and video games are involved, including studios like the up-and-coming Kamikaze Douga, SUNRISE, and Studio Jack. The previous credits of these artists include the ‘Dragon Quest’ series, ‘AKIRA,’ ‘Steamboy,’ and ‘Pokemon.’ Leading the project is creative director Shuichi Sato, known primarily for commercials such as Vidal Sassoon.

The music video’s length clocks in […]

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Namie’s latest single, “Wild/Dr.,” was just released on March 18, 2009, and has charted to the top position in Oricon’s daily singles ranking (as of 3/23).

Oricon: Kamiji, Miyazaki voted “face of 2008” – Tokyograph

Near the end of last year, Oricon conducted a survey of 1,200 men and women, asking them which celebrities they considered as the ‘face of 2008,’ based on activity. The #1 man was Yusuke Kamiji, who mainly rose to fame as part of the boy band Shuchishin, while the #1 woman was young actress Aoi Miyazaki, the star of the NHK taiga drama ‘Atsuhime.’

On the men’s list, musician DAIGO ranked #2, followed by Olympic medal-winning swimmer Kosuke Kitajima. The rest of the list were Masaharu Fukuyama, golfer Ryo Ishikawa, comedian Sekai no Nabeatsu, Shuchishin (as a group), Masahiro Nakai, Arashi, and Yutaka Mizutani.

The women’s list placed comedienne Harumi Edo at #2 and softball pitcher Yukiko Ueno at #3. Suzanne, Maki Horikita, Thelma Aoyama, Yukie Nakama, Namie Amuro, Aya Ueto, and Perfume also made the rankings.

(Link: Oricon: Kamiji, Miyazaki voted “face of 2008” – Tokyograph.)

While it’s great to see an Uchinanchu male at the #1 spot, there are three—count ’em three—female in the list: Nakama, Amuro and Ueto.

Two Okinawans top Oricon’s “Ideal Women” ranking

Oricon recently ran a survey of 1,200 men and women under 40, asking them to identify which celebrities they felt represented their ideal image of a woman. The survey was divided into two categories, one for music artists and one for actresses.

In the artist category, Namie Amuro ranked #1, noted for her style and fashion sense. The rest of the top five were YUI, aiko, Ayumi Hamasaki, and YUKI.

Under actresses, Yui Aragaki topped the list, winning popularity with her cuteness and her smile. She was followed by Nanako Matsushima, Aoi Miyazaki, Ryoko Shinohara, and Maki Horikita.

(Link: Oricon: ideal women.)

Wow, way to go Amuro!

Oricon: Nakama again named celebrity with best black hair – Tokyograph

Oricon repeated its survey from last year that asked the public who they think looks best with black hair, though this time around the survey divided the choices for male and female celebrities.

Not surprisingly, the female list was very similar to the previous results, with Yukie Nakama once again in the lead. Mika Nakashima and Chiaki Kuriyama traded places, ranking at #2 and #3, respectively, while Yui Aragaki moved up one place to #4 and Meisa Kuroki jumped three places to land at #5.

On the men’s list, Junichi Okada took the top spot, ahead of Ryo Nishikido, who was the only male in last year’s top 10 (he was #9). Hiroshi Tamaki ranked 3rd, while Jun Matsumoto tied with Satoshi Tsumabuki for 4th.

(Link: Oricon: Nakama again named celebrity with best black hair – Tokyograph.)

Interesting to find three Uchinanchu — Yukie Nakama, Yui Aragaki and Meisa Kuroki — on the list.

Baby you can drive my car

Not one, but two Uchinanchu actresses topped the rankings at the #1 and #2 spot: Aya Ueto and Yui Aragaki.

Next week is Golden Week in Japan. With that in mind, Oricon conducted a survey of a thousand people, asking them a series of leisure-related questions.

When asked which actress they would want to go to an amusement park with, the respondents chose Aya Ueto as the #1 answer. Yui Aragaki, Masami Nagasawa, Maki Horikita, and Aoi Miyazaki were the next most popular choices.


Not surprisingly, the answers were similar for the next pair of questions, which asked ‘who would you want to go on a drive with?’ For actresses, Yui Aragaki came out on top this time, putting Aya Ueto at #2. Haruka Ayase made the list at #3, ahead of Maki Horikita and Masami Nagasawa. Meanwhile, Hiroshi Tamaki was at the top of the actors’ list, again followed by Ryuta Sato and Shun Oguri. Yuta Hiraoka and Kenichi Matsuyama also made the cut.

(Link: Oricon: Golden Week surveys – Tokyograph.)

Rankings, rumors, and theme songs

Yeah, we love rankings here at Karkaui.com and maybe an occasional rumor from time-to-time wouldn’t hurt either. So starting with rankings from Oricon, Aya Ueto was ranked #2 for having the most “kissable lips” and fashion-wise, two Uchinanchu ranked for the style that women wanted to copy this spring: Yui Aragaki #2 and tied for #3 among four other women was Namie Amuro — yay!

Although we usually don’t post celebrity rumors here (heck, I had to create a tag for one especially for this entry), ex-DA PUMP member SHINOBU recently made the headlines after having been spotted on a date(?) with actress Hinano Yoshikawa at a yakitori restaurant.

Finally, J-pop group GReeeeN (92 [kuni] is from Okinawa) will have a theme song spot on one of Japan’s popular morning shows, Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi Saturday.”