Web: Ryukyu Minyo Ongaku Kyokai


Many of you may know about Okinawa minyo, but you may not know that there are many different organizations of the music in Okinawa and one of them is the Ryukyu Minyo Ongaku Kyokai, or RMOK. I’m actually pretty excited about this entry because having a large, traditional, organization like the RMOK build a website (and to have it under their own domain name) is a great plus to folks like me who live on the web. Two veterans of the Okinawa minyo world are presently affiliated with the organization, Tetsuhiro Daiku (who has been pretty active on the web), and Yukichi Yamazato. Looking through their listing of affiliated schools, I also see Mayumi Yamakawa and Mitsuko Nakado. Way to go!

Ryukyu Minyo Ongaku Kyokai