Yu Yamada stars in Japan’s own “200 Pounds Beauty” – Tokyograph

Actress Yu Yamada has landed her first starring role in a movie, titled ‘Kanna-san, Daiseikou Desu!’ Directed by Koichi Inoue, the film draws from the same source as last year’s Korean hit comedy ‘200 Pounds Beauty,’ which starred Kim Ah-jung.

‘Kanna-san, Daiseikou Desu!’ is originally a manga by Yumiko Suzuki. It tells the story of an unattractive woman named Kanna who undergoes plastic surgery and becomes a pop star. Yamada, who plays Kanna, is said to be a fan of the comic.

While the Korean adaptation was a romantic comedy, the Japanese version will stay truer to the manga and focus more on Kanna’s relationship with her friend Kabako, played by comedian Shizu-chan of Nankai Candies.

(Via Tokyograph.)

Other films Yu has done to date (via Wikipedia):

  • “ROUTE 58” (2003)
  • “Kiseki wa Sora kara Futte Kuru (2005)
  • Akihabara@DEEP (2006)
  • Pulukogi (2007)
  • Surf’s Up (2007)

Higa Middle School

In the “you never know what you’ll find when browsing the ‘net” category comes this interesting manga/anime called “The Prince of Tennis” and a character from it by the name of Hiroshi Chinen, from Higa Middle School. Here’s a tidbit about the school via Wikipedia: “The members of the tennis team have a rather bad attitude by tennis standards, and aren’t afraid of using nasty methods to win. The school’s coach is Saotome Harumi, who directly encourages the on-court violence.” I personally haven’t read/seen an episode of “The Prince of Tennis” but it sounds kind of interesting especially given the fact that a single called “Rakuen e” (NECM-13003) will be released on May 16, 2007, under the name of two of its characters from the Higa Middle School, Hiroshi Chinen and Rin Hirakoba.

[Via JPop News.]