Tutorial: Tuning your sanshin, Part 1

When something gets requested here enough times, we’ll do our best to get it to you. So here it is, our first video tutorial on tuning your sanshin. Be sure to check out our “Tuning Your Sanshin” page for more info. I’ll also have it up for download — at a better quality than streaming it on the web — soon so keep an eye on this entry for an update.
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Karakui.com: Two songs I’m in love with…

Rimi Natsukawa’s latest album (and perhaps her last from the JVC label), “Umuikaji” (VICL-62259), as a whole is pretty good, much like her other 11, yes eleven (we’re going according to her record label’s site), albums. But two songs, both eisaa-flavored, are simply delicious to my ears. Of course, I’m kind of partial to this type of eisaa music so let me know what you think of them.

Yeah, it’s kinda weird to quote myself but this is something I can only do on my personal dot-com site so if you’re interested check it out: “Two songs I’m in love with from Rimi’s latest album Umuikaji”.