DOUBLE, Namie Amuro collaborate – Tokyograph

Popular R&B artists DOUBLE and Namie Amuro have completed their first collaboration, a song titled ‘BLACK DIAMOND.’ Described as a dance number, the music video features choreography by JONTE and RAMON, who are known for their work with Beyonce.

‘BLACK DIAMOND’ is being included on DOUBLE’s ‘THE BEST COLLABORATIONS’ album, on sale May 28. The album is her second project celebrating the 10th anniversary of her debut. It features 18 collaborations, with artists such as ZEEBRA, KREVA, and m-flo.

(Link: DOUBLE, Namie Amuro collaborate – Tokyograph.)

The song is pretty catchy (as expected) and they both look great in the PV. (In case you’re wondering why DOUBLE is a solo artist, please read this Wiki.theppn article for more.)

D-51’s upcoming single: “Travelers Of Life”

Having put out a best-of album, February 2008’s “BEST OF D-51,” J-R&B duo D-51‘s next release for the year won’t be on store shelves until July 2nd. The single, “Travelers Of Life,” follows “Sepia” (released on 2008/2/6) and is currently featured in the Calpis Water CM starring popular actress Masami Nagasawa. Prior to “Travelers Of Life,” D-51’s single “Forever Friends” (2007/2/7) was also selected as the Calpis Water CM song. (A bit of music nerdery: Switch the 2/7 release date of “Forever Friends” and you get the 7/2 release date of “Travelers Of Life.” Both are Calpis Water CM songs. Coincidence?) Let’s hope the upcoming single charts as high as 2005’s “NO MORE CRY” (theme song for the second season of Yukie Nakama‘s J-drama “Gokusen“) which got up to the #2 spot in Oricon’s rankings and remains their top-selling single. (Via