D-51 to cover Chage and Aska’s “Love Song”

Popular J-pop duo D-51 will be releasing their 4th album on March 4, 2009—which incidentally is a special day in Okinawa: Sanshin Day (三線の日). For the new album the duo will be covering “LOVE SONG” by perhaps the greatest J-pop duo in history, Chage and Aska. The original song was released 20 years ago, on the same record label as D-51, Pony Canyon, so this is a great honor for the two. We’re looking forward to hearing how the song is remade for the 21st century and wish them the best for their new album release.

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Namie Amuro to star in Coca-Cola Zero CM


Namie Amuro has her second CM appearance set for 2009. Like the Vidal Sassoon spot, the upcoming CM (set to air on the 11th of this month) for Coca-Cola zero will feature Amuro in the ad as well as her upcoming single, “WILD,” which will be released on March 18, 2009. The single will be a double A-side one featuring the aforementioned “WILD” and the song “Dr.” which will be the CM song for her Vidal Sassoon spot. Keep your eyes posted on the Coca-Cola zero page as there are links that will be available (perhaps beginning 2/11/09) to view the CM as well as downloadable content. Of course, we’ll be watching it and will be posting if there is a wallpaper or screensaver available for us to download. 😉

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Namie Amuro continues collaboration with Vidal Sassoon


Following her breakout hit singles (the album “BEST FICTION” sold 1,700,000 copies) in collaboration with Vidal Sassoon in 2008, Namie Amuro will be continuing onto 2009 with a new song “Dr.” as well as a new CM that debuted today. View the beautiful CM on the Vidal Sassoon site. The single will be released in March 2009.

(Link: 安室奈美恵、〈ブルジョワ・ゴージャス〉なヴィダルサスーンとのコラボCM第3弾を披露 – bounce.com [ニュース].)

Namie Amuro’s ‘BEST FICTION’ wins Japan Record Awards Best Album

The Japan Record Awards were held on Tuesday. The big winner was EXILE, who added the top prize to their growing list of honors this year. Their song ‘Ti Amo’ was chosen for the Japan Record Award out of 12 nominees, which included artists such as Kiyoshi Hikawa, TVXQ, and Kumi Koda. For EXILE, this is one step up from last year, when they won the Best Singer award with ‘Toki no Kakera.’

The title of Best New Artist was given to enka singer Jero, while Best Singer went to Mitsuko Nakamura. It was already known earlier this month that Namie Amuro’s ‘BEST FICTION’ was chosen for Best Album.

(Link: EXILE, Jero win Japan Record Awards – Tokyograph.)

Daichi Miura’s new single to hit store shelves on 2/11/09

Former J-pop group Folder lead vocalist, Daichi Miura, will be releasing a new single titled “Your Love feat. KREVA” on February 11, 2009. The new single will be released almost seven months after his most recent single, “Inside Your Head,” which was released on July of this year. “Your Love feat. KREVA” will pair him with the rapper (of course we’re talking about KREVA here) and with the recent popularity of feat. singles, there’s a good chance that the song will be a hit.

Official website

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BENI’s “Mou Nidoto” PV

We blogged about BENI’s change of record label (from Avex to Universal) and name change (from Beni Arashiro to BENI) about a month ago and now we can finally see the fruits of that change in her first single “Mou Nidoto.” The song, if it’s any indication to where her music is headed from now, is pretty awesome (well, I’m also a fan of the “Mou Ichido” single too) and I hope it does well for BENI.

Her official website is www.benibenibeni.com and her official blog is over here. There’s also a BENI channel (I’m assuming it’s unofficial but I could be wrong) on YouTube where you can find clips of her.

Beni Arashiro drops last name for new single – Tokyograph

Singer Beni Arashiro is reinventing herself under a new name: BENI. She will once again be focusing on her music career, after months of silence, starting with a new single next month.

Arashiro left her previous management agency, Oscar Promotion, at the end of August, and her contract with Avex expired at the end of September. She has now signed with Universal Music, and her first single as BENI will be released on December 10.

Titled ‘Mou Nidoto…,’ the ballad is a follow-up to DOHZI-T’s ‘Mou Ichido… feat. BENI’ that was released in June. While Arashiro was a guest artist on that song, she hasn’t released a single of her own since February 2007.

‘Mou Nidoto’ will start selling as a chaku-uta on November 12.

(Link: Beni Arashiro drops last name for new single – Tokyograph.)

Wow, I had to read the part about “a single of her own since February 2007″ twice. I have to admit that I wasn’t much a fan of her music (her singing, I like) but that changed after listening to her sing “Koibumi,” a track off of her 2007 album “GEM.” This sentiment was further cemented after her stint on DOHZI-T’s superb J-R&B ballad “Mou Ichido…” released on June of this year. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that her first single release under her new record label (Universal) should be titled “Mou Nidoto…” which is set to be released on December 10, 2008. I think she’ll do rather well if she follows along with music of a similar vibe to these songs so we’re wishing her the best. The iTunes Store (link opens iTunes) has a pretty good collection of her material so check it out!

Beni Arashiro featured on Dohzi-T’s latest single

I totally missed the release on this one but luckily caught their recent performance on Mステ and wow, what a cool song. The title of the song is “Mou Ichido…” by J-rap artist Dohzi-T and Okinawan-American singer Beni Arashiro (going by her first name, BENI, for this ‘featuring’ release). Although “Mou Ichido…” is Dohzi-T’s song, it also happens to be Beni’s first single release for 2008. The single, which has been tearing up the chaku-uta (ringtone) rankings, is currently available at CDJapan.co.jp.