Music: Kariyushi58 to release their 1st full album

Mark your calendars, Kariyushi58, a three-piece band from Okinawa, will release their first full album “Soro soro, kariyushi” on October 23, 2007. The 13-track album, featuring the hit singles “Anmaa” and “Te to Te”, will be an indie music release from LD&K Records. Check out the group’s PVs on YouTube. [Via]

Orange Clover Gets It

Two days ago I blogged about BEGIN’s plans for 2007 and one of the artists that I mentioned on that post caught my attention. Orange Clover is a relatively new J/O-pop duo from Ishikagi-jima who released their first album “LaLaLaLaLa” in 2004. Female lead singer/lyricist Shinobu Nakasone and male guitarist/composer Nobuhiro Miyara only have that debut album to their credit but through their website you can download samples of the duo’s music (and that’s where they get it). Also available are the lyrics to each song and while only one is available as a full-song, the others are 1-2 minute samples which leaves you wanting to listen to the whole thing! It looks like (at least according to their website) the only place to find the album in Naha is at cool record store, Get Happy Records. Other than that store, you’ll only find it for sale in Ishigaki-jima record shops. Orange Clover is definitely worth a listen and I’d buy it in a snap if it were available through the iTunes Store.

An Ageless Christmas Melody

Got wind of this little gem from Deckman. The song is called “Christmas Melody” and is performed by Takano Uehara with composition by her friend H. Tanahara. According to Deckman, Takano is an amateur singer from Itoman and the video was put out on the web to see if there would be any interest in it. Personally, I think the song is quite catchy and kind of cool. I definitely like it and would like to hear more from the singer. Although I couldn’t find much info on Takano, she is on MySpace. Check out the video, check out her MySpace page and let’s hope to hear more from her in 2007.