H&MC reveals new vocalist – Tokyograph

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR has announced the addition of a new female vocalist. The 21-year-old HALCA, hailing from Okinawa, is filling the gap left by former member Maki. Maki left in October due to her marriage with Masato Nakamura of DREAMS COME TRUE.

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So, we finally have a name and yeah, I first thought of Halca from HALCALI (one of my favorite artists) upon seeing how the new singer romaji’d her name. While I’m dying to hear what she sounds like, we have some info on her via the band’s website:

  • Goes by her first name, HALCA
  • She was born on June 11, 1988
  • Her blood type is AB
  • She’s a Gemini
  • She was born in Okinawa (no village listed tho)
  • Her hobby is playing guitar (maybe we’ll see her play acoustic guitar?)
  • Her favorite artists are Brody Dalle and Kurt Cobain (hmm, we know she’s definitely not pop)

Now we wait for the release of a new HandMC single featuring HALCA.

Teased! HandMC finds a new singer but gives us no details!


So with the auditions to find their new singer completed it’s only a matter of time till we find out more about the person. On the band’s blog post (pictured above) about the new singer they mention that we’ll find out soon enough on their official website so all we can do is keep refreshing that site until it goes down—just kidding! It’ll be all over the internets as well as over here too so let’s all wait patiently and let their PR people do what they do best.

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Maki leaves H&MC – Tokyograph

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR vocalist Maki performed her final show with the group on Saturday at the Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo. In July, she had announced that she would be leaving the band by the end of this year due to her marriage to DREAMS COME TRUE’s Masato Nakamura.

For the final concert, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR performed a total of 21 songs, including Maki’s last single, ‘Remember,’ which went on sale last week.

The band’s five remaining men have said that they will remain active without Maki. The group also has a request album titled ‘BEEEEEEST’ coming out on November 26.

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A trio of upcoming singles to look out for

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR’sRemember,” marked for a 10/15/08 release, will be the band’s last single featuring their lead singer Maakii—who, after announcing her marriage to DREAMS COME TRUE’s bassist Masato Nakamura this past June, will retire from the band.

O-pop duo Yanawarabaa will be releasing their 9th single, “Present,” on 11/5/08. “Present” follows the single “Sakura” which was released in February of this year and their upcoming cover album—which looks fantastic, by the way—”Nagiuta” set for a 9/17/08 release.

This brings us to the last of the trio of singles to look out for, ORANGE RANGE’sOshare Bancho feat. Soy Sauce.” Believe it or not (well, it is fact), “Oshare Bancho feat. Soy Sauce” will be the band’s 20th single since making their major label debut with 2003’s “Kirikirimai.”

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OLIVIA to release a new mini album on 9/17/08

OLIVIA (Olivia Lufkin) is a favorite of ours here at Karakui.com and while we’d complain about seeing yet another mini album from any other artist, if it’s from her we say “bring it on!” The six track album, *ahem*, mini album will be released in a limited edition package and features the ending theme song “Rain” from the J-drama “Keitai Sosakan 7.”

Don’t know OLIVIA? Poor soul. Check out her discography at the iTunes Store (link opens iTunes).

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Orange Range does “Code Geass” opening, ending – Tokyograph

ORANGE RANGE will release its new single ‘O2 ~Oo Tsuu~’ on May 28. This will mark the first time ORANGE RANGE member YAMATO takes the lead vocal for a song.

‘O2’ will be the opening theme to the TBS anime series ‘Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2‘ that starts on April 6. In addition, the show’s ending theme is also done by ORANGE RANGE, titled ‘Shiawase Neiro.’ However, it will not be released with the ‘O2’ single.

ORANGE RANGE is starting their ‘ORANGE RANGE devil pop showcase tour 008’ on April 3rd at Niigata LOTS.

(Link: Orange Range does “Code Geass” opening, ending – Tokyograph.)

The band’s last single and first for 2008, “Kimi Station,” was released on March 5th. The single was the featured theme song for the winter J-drama “Loss Time Life.”

RYUKYUDISKO to release live DVD on the 26th

Techno duo RYUKYUDISKO, having made their major label debut last June with Ki/oon Records, will be releasing a live DVD titled “RKDV 1.0 (LIVE&CLIPS)” on March 26. Their previous live DVD was 2004’s “LEQUIO LIVE -LIVE at WIRE04-” which was released during the duo’s period as indie musicians. On a side note, the duo who go by the stage names RKD1 and RKD2, are twins and have a famous sibling: NAOTO of ORANGE RANGE.

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Album: HY’s 5th album ‘HeartY’

It’s pretty cool to see a band, in this case HY, remain indie and onto their 5th album. “HeartY,” to be released on April 16, follows the album “Confidence” which was released about two years ago. The title of the new album is a play on the H and Y of their group name and the Japanese word ai which they translate here as heart. The 13-track album will be sold for ¥2,500 and come in five—FIVE of ’em—limited-edition versions for the store that it’s being sold at. While they do have an English version of their website available, updates to it are trickling in so keep your eye on it for future news on the band.

HY’s English-language single, “AM11:00,” is on-sale at the iTunes Store.

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