On making 160,000+ hits

I quietly saw Karakui.com pass the 150,000 mark and now we’re over 166,000 hits. Yeah, we’re still a small blog covering the margins of the more popular Japanese pop culture scene but we’re not doing that shabby at all. If you’ve ever kept a blog, and you’re a geek, you’re probably into stats as well. Would’ve been cool if we did this at the end (rather, the beginning would be much better) of every month but I’m up to it today so here goes. For the month of September (today, the 30th, is the last day of the month) we have a total of 6,163 visits so far which beats the 6,129 visits from last month. Our lowest day was 103 views on 9/10 and the highest days were on 9/3 and 9/7 with a total of 263 views. (Our highest overall day was 466 views on 10/15/2008.)

So a BIG nifee deebitan (thank you, mahalo, ありがとう) for visiting Karakui.com!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year dear Karakui.com readers! While we’re still less than five hours from 2009 here in humid Hawaii, in Okinawa, it’s already the new year. So here’s wishing you all the best in 2009 and thank you for visiting Karakui.com. 🙂

It’s been a pretty amazing year—Karakui.com’s third anniversary is this month—that saw us reach over 100,000 hits with our biggest day on 10/15/08 with 466 hits. It’s been a steady climb up with total hits of 147 in 2006; 31,158 in 2007; and 76,070 in 2008. It’s a shame that we didn’t have an opportunity to track our stats while at Okinawa.com/.ws and when we were called the Okinawan Music Project and at OkinawanMusic.org. Anyhoo, it’s geeky to be stuck in these stats so I’ll end here before I bore you all.

Best regards,

50,000 and counting

I’ve been pretty busy to blog about this and we’re already 3,000+ hits past 50,000, so as I mentioned back in February when Karakui.com reached the 40,000 hit mark, I wanted to do something special for 50,000:

I have three autographed copies of Keith Nakaganeku and Calabash’s awesome debut CD to give away.

To win yourself a copy, simply leave a comment on this entry or email us at karakuipress+giveaway[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll randomly select three names as our winners.

Good luck and thank you for visiting! Richie – Karakui.com 🙂

Less than 50 hits to 40,000!

And here I was thinking of doing something special when we hit the 10,000 mark back in August ’07. We’re just about to reach 40,000 hits but I think I’ll shoot for 50,000 for the special giveaway(s). (I actually have a bunch of autographed CD albums from Keith Nakaganeku’s wonderful debut CD to give away so look for an upcoming post in about two months.)

Tip: You’ll find our blog stats near the bottom of this page in the sidebar.

Thanks for visiting!!!

30,000 hits!

Here’s wishing all of Karakui.com’s visitors a happy and safe holiday season. Nifee (thanks) to all of you for the 30,000 hits (well, we’re actually about 11 shy but what the hey) from December 2006 to December 2007. Not too shabby for an Okinawan pop culture blog. 🙂