Namie Amuro’s latest album “PAST<FUTURE” is top-selling album

Namie Amuro’s “PAST < FUTURE” was the top selling album this past week, with close to 331,000 units sold. At the age of 32, she has now become the first female solo artist to achieve #1 with an original album in her 10s, 20s, and 30s. She had three of them before her 20th birthday in 1997, followed by a couple more in 2000 and 2007. […]

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In love with Namie Amuro’s “The Meaning Of Us”

Ask me about the song that I’ve been humming a lot of lately and I’ll answer Owl City’s “Fireflies” — not! (*ahem* I’m a fan of The Postal Service.) The song that’s been stuck in my head the past week is Namie Amuro’s “The Meaning Of Us” from her newly released original album, “Past<Future” — Amuro’s first in two years.

The song is being featured as the theme song to the upcoming BeeTV drama “Onnatachi wa Nido Asabu” (the video clip above is from the drama). Unfortunately, the album hasn’t made it for sale on iTunes yet (although many of her other albums are on sale there) and being that her last album, 2008’s “Best Fiction,” isn’t up either (at the U.S. store), you’ll have to go the CD route for this one.

Amuro does animated music video – Tokyograph

Namie Amuro’s new song ‘Dr.’ will be made into an anime music video. This is the first time that one of her music videos will be a fully animated work. In addition, Amuro will appear in it as an animated character.

A group of more than forty of Japan’s leading creators, deemed the ‘strongest’ in animation, was assembled for the project. Special animators from movies, commercials, and video games are involved, including studios like the up-and-coming Kamikaze Douga, SUNRISE, and Studio Jack. The previous credits of these artists include the ‘Dragon Quest’ series, ‘AKIRA,’ ‘Steamboy,’ and ‘Pokemon.’ Leading the project is creative director Shuichi Sato, known primarily for commercials such as Vidal Sassoon.

The music video’s length clocks in […]

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Namie’s latest single, “Wild/Dr.,” was just released on March 18, 2009, and has charted to the top position in Oricon’s daily singles ranking (as of 3/23).

Meisa Kuroki’s got sexy

With her debut album “hellcat” set for release on April 8th, Meisa Kuroki is *ahem* heating things up with her latest PV for the song “Bad Girl.” Personally, I think the image fits her and it doesn’t seem like she’s forcing it upon herself. Now, say, if this were to have been Gakky’s image for her singing career I’d have to say um, no thanks. And is it just me or can you hear the Amuro influence?

Meisa Kuroki’s official music artist website:

Wallpaper: Namie Amuro makes you want to try Coca-Cola zero

We called it, and it happened! (We love it when we’re right. 😀 ) Available as of today, three wallpapers to lovely adorn your Mac/PC with from the Coca-Cola zero website featuring Namie Amuro.


Also available on the site is the new CM (15 and 30-second spots) and a making of which clocks in at 8 minutes 32 seconds! BTW, the name of the spot is “Wild Training.”


Thanks to Coca-Cola zero for the great work for their latest ads and I’m almost certain that these wallpapers will be on a lot of desktops around the world. OK, let me put down my Diet Pepsi and grab a zero. 😛

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Namie Amuro to star in Coca-Cola Zero CM


Namie Amuro has her second CM appearance set for 2009. Like the Vidal Sassoon spot, the upcoming CM (set to air on the 11th of this month) for Coca-Cola zero will feature Amuro in the ad as well as her upcoming single, “WILD,” which will be released on March 18, 2009. The single will be a double A-side one featuring the aforementioned “WILD” and the song “Dr.” which will be the CM song for her Vidal Sassoon spot. Keep your eyes posted on the Coca-Cola zero page as there are links that will be available (perhaps beginning 2/11/09) to view the CM as well as downloadable content. Of course, we’ll be watching it and will be posting if there is a wallpaper or screensaver available for us to download. 😉


Namie Amuro continues collaboration with Vidal Sassoon


Following her breakout hit singles (the album “BEST FICTION” sold 1,700,000 copies) in collaboration with Vidal Sassoon in 2008, Namie Amuro will be continuing onto 2009 with a new song “Dr.” as well as a new CM that debuted today. View the beautiful CM on the Vidal Sassoon site. The single will be released in March 2009.

(Link: 安室奈美恵、〈ブルジョワ・ゴージャス〉なヴィダルサスーンとのコラボCM第3弾を披露 – [ニュース].)

Charts: Amuro #1 for third straight week – Tokyograph

Namie Amuro has firmly re-established herself as one of the top pop queens, achieving her third consecutive week at #1 on the album charts. Her ‘BEST FICTION’ collection debuted with the highest opening sales so far this year, and with another 153,000 copies sold this past week, the album has become her 5th million-seller. Her last album to reach that mark was ‘181920’ in 1998. This also gives Amuro the distinction of being the only artist to have a million-seller during her teens, 20s, and 30s.

(Link: Charts: Amuro #1 for third straight week – Tokyograph.)

How can anyone go wrong with a best-of compilation from Namie Amuro? Although it’s not yet available at the iTunes Store (well, at least the US store), you can still grab her back catalog (link opens iTunes) including her previous singles collection, “181920” (link opens iTunes).

TRIPLE-P’s 1st full-album to be released on 4/23!

Okinawan indies hip-hop duo, TRIPLE-P, will be releasing their first full-album, “TRIPLE-P in Wonderland,” on April 23. Prior to the full-album, they released two mini-albums and several singles and this time around they’ll be releasing the new album in a CD+DVD version as well as a CD-only version — both CDs will contain 15 tracks. View TRIPLE-P’s videos at the Climax Entertainment YouTube channel. (Via Okinawa Cyura Sounds.)