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Maybe weekly, I’ll feature an account on Twitter that’s worth a follow. Today I’m featuring @horinyo (ホリーニョ) from Osaka who tweets colorized black and white photos of Okinawa before and after the war. The photos are amazing and with close to 9,000 of them, you can spend days scrolling through their Twitter feed. Interesting (well, at least to me) is that the account has amassed close to 8,000 followers and I think this is important to note as there are photos that show our devastated island after the war that I hope many outside of Okinawa will learn about. The tweet and photo above is one of the more recent ones originally from June 1945 in the Shuri area. How great would it be to learn that this family survived the war.

Siori (しおり)


I recall hearing about a singer from Okinawa who had made the jump as an indie artist to a major label and it’s funny that I’d stumble upon her via the U.S. iTunes store. Siori (alt. Shiori) is a 21 year-old J-pop singer-songwriter from Shuri who made her indie debut with the 2006 single “Smile” (watch the clip on YouTube down below) which was used as the CM song for Itoen’s Sanpincha drink (the official tea of Karakui.com). Talk about making a tasty debut (pun intended).

Her major label (Capitol Music Japan) debut came a year later with the August 2007 single “Heart Flower/Yakusoku” and a rerelease of the single “Smile” on November 2007. In July of this year she released her first album titled “Aozora” and her third single, “Towa/sweety,” was just released on December 3rd.

If you like Kiroro, give Siori a listen and I’m sure you’ll like her music. Siori’s indie debut single, “Smile,” is available at the U.S. iTunes Store (link opens iTunes)—DRM-free to boot.

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