College student chosen to play Kamiji in documentary drama – Tokyograph

Fuji TV revealed in October that it is producing a special documentary drama titled ‘Kamiji Yusuke Monogatari,’ based on the life of rising male idol Yusuke Kamiji. The lead actor playing Kamiji has now been decided.

19-year-old Yuki Yoshida, a second-year student at a university in the Shiga prefecture, was chosen by audition for the role. About 1,500 pros and amateurs had tried out for the part, but Yoshida managed to come out on top and make his dreams of show business come true.

The special is scheduled to air sometime during next spring. Kamiji will be singing the theme song, making his solo debut under the name ‘Yusuke.’ The song, titled ‘Himawari,’ is being released as a single on March 11.

(Link: College student chosen to play Kamiji in documentary drama – Tokyograph.)

Kamiji, will also be making his NHK Kouhaku Utagassen debut with the J-pop trio Shuuchishin this year.

Documentary featuring Cocco to hit theaters in December


“Daijoubu de Aru you ni -Cocco Owaranai Tabi-” is a documentary based on popular (and a favorite) singer Cocco that will be released in theaters this December. The inspiration for the documentary is Cocco’s performance of her single “Jugon no Mieru Oka” at the Live Earth concert last July.

The documentary will be helmed by acclaimed director Hirokazu Koreeda who had also directed two of Cocco’s music videos.

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