BEGIN & #YouTubeMusicWeekend

via BEGIN’s YouTube Channel

BEGIN is participating in YouTube’s #YouTubeMusicWeekend and will be streaming their 25th anniversary concert “Sugar Cane Cable NETWORK TOUR 2015-2016 Ryōgoku Kokugikan” on July 17th 13:30 (Okinawa time). The band has been releasing a lot of YouTube content with special video clips for Uta no Hi and looks like they wasted no time in continuing this new tradition. It’s a free concert so be sure to set your reminder!

Link: BEGIN’s YouTube Music Weekend Concert

Anly Announces Midsummer Digital Single & Loop Pedal Set Tour

Anly announced a new midsummer digital single “Cancel Machi no Koi” to be released on August 4th and that she will be touring in November for her Loop Pedal Set. Anly’s previous single, “Star Wink”, was released in January and she had to cancel her Okinawa concert in June due to the pandemic. The good news is she’ll finish her Loop Pedal Set tour in Okinawa on December 10th!

Anly’s “Shape of You” Loop Pedal Version

What at lazz Announces Online Concert & New MV for “Cider!!”

via Twitter

The band tweeted that an announcement was forthcoming and I figured it was an upcoming new single but was pleasantly surprised that a free online live was included. It’s set to take place on Saturday, July 10th, on the Isotopes Movie YouTube channel. The live concert will be to celebrate the opening of Toyopla Studio and an MV for their first digital single “Cider!!”.

What at lazz’s Twitter announcement

25th Ryukyu Festival 2021

via M&I

If there’s one concert you need to go to it’s this one so you’re fortunate if you live in Japan because the 25th Ryukyu Festival 2021 is taking place on October 17th at the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall. The list of performers is incredible.

  • Daiku Tetsuhiro and Daiku Naeko
  • Parsha cluB — my favorite band!
  • Yonaha Tooru and his band
  • Kamiya Chihiro — she has a new album for 2021!
  • and the announcer is Garage Sale — 🤩

Tickets go on sale June 28th! Check the M&I website’s Ryukyu Festival page for more details. I really hope they’ll stream this too.

BEGIN’s Uta no Hi Concert 2021

We’re sad that BEGIN’s song festival “Uta no Hi” was postponed due to the pandemic restrictions so instead they’ve gone to YouTube and social media (LINE, Facebook, and Twitter) . For 9 days (started on June 19th) they will have a special stream available from 9PM and will also release videos from their catalog. Each day will feature a song(s) or a special video: For example, “Shimanchu nu Takara” was day one’s special and the band released 8 video clips on YouTube. Looks like they’ve disabled sharing the videos outside of YouTube 😤 so here’s the link to their channel: BEGIN ch.

Check out their website for the “Uta no Hi Concert 2021 Postponement Special” schedule.

MAX’s Online Concert for July 4th

via Twitter

Speaking of MAX, they’re really on a roll this year with music releases, YouTube, and now an upcoming online concert. “MAX ONLINE LIVE ‘Summer Blast 2021′” will take place on Sunday, July 4th (Japan time) and members of their fan club (J-MAX NEO) have access to an after-talk with an encore song. Unfortunately, there is no archive for the concert so it’s a one-time viewing. Info can be found on their production company’s website.

I-Dushi Announces First & Final Live Concert of 2021!

via Zaiko’s website

You’re probably already familiar with the pop duo I-Dushi as we have several posts about them this year. On the 19th through their official Twitter account, they announced their first and final live acoustic concert of the year. No, they’re not breaking up but rather singer/sanshinist Cana will soon be going on maternity leave.

So it’s great news all-around even though this will be their first and final concert of 2021. Even greater news? The concert is being streamed online with archive options! Tickets (there are two archive tickets and a one-time ticket available) can be purchased from the Zaiko website (please check to see if your region is supported). The concert date is set for Wednesday, May 26th (Japan time) from 19:30 and it is noted that there is a possibility of it been canceled given the circumstances. This is a great way to support them and to see them in concert for those overseas. Since the pandemic, I’ve attended a few of my favorite artists’ streaming concerts and have never been disappointed. Pro-tip: If you’re able to, I would recommend going with one of the archive tickets so you can watch the concert at your leisure (said from a person that has watched concerts that started at midnight).

Check out I-dushi’s website for the latest news.

Event: Special Eisa Concert: Naha Daiko & Chinagu Eisa Hawaii with Singer Ikeda Suguru

Chinagu Eisa Hawaii is a local eisa drum group that I have been a fan of for some time. They perform a contemporary style of eisa. The symbol of the group is the kanji “kizuna,” which means strong emotional bonds. For the group, it represents the connection between generations of drummers, between Okinawa and Hawaii, between East and West, and the connection that you have with your culture as an individual.

The group formed in 2008 and first performed with their sister group, Naha Daiko of Naha City, at the 2010 Okinawa Festival and have sent students to train in Okinawa with them. Naha Daiko is a professional eisa group from Okinawa.

Saturday, September 8, 2012 (2:00pm and 6:00pm) at Mamiya Theatre

(via Shari T.)