Miura Daichi’s “Colorful” for Team Coca-Cola Reaches 1M Views

Miura Daichi participated in a group project for Team Coca-Cola with other pop artists and the song “Colorful” has reached over 1 million views on YouTube. The music video had its YouTube premiere on 7/19 along with a single that’s available on all streaming platforms. He’s the first artist on the video so you can’t miss him!

“Hanamizuki Okinawa Hougen Ver.” is the MV of the Year

If you watch one music video on YouTube, this must be it. The MV is an acoustic cover of the very popular J-pop song Hanamizuki by Hitoto Yō (she’s Japanese and Taiwanese) and matches well with Uchinaa-guchi and Ryūkyū instruments, dance and vocals. (Another version to listen to is from Amami Ōshima’s Minami Kizuki.) The music video is a collaboration between guitarist HOMARE of Nanaironote and model/actress/singer Karin Miyagi who recently collaborated with famous Okinawan artist Naka Bokunen for the Chimugasana project. Filming took place at Ryukyu-mura.

An interesting connection that this cover of Hanamizuki makes is that the song inspired a film of the same name (2010 release) that starred the popular Okinawan actress Aragaki Yui and had its international debut at our very own Hawaii International Film Festival!

h/t @sherryberry100 on Twitter.

YouTube: Namie Amuro feat. Tomohisa Yamashita “Unusual”

[updated] Video is no longer available since Avex pulled it. Hopefully, Avex will release an official version that fans can view.

PV of Namie Amuro’s song “Unusual” (featuring Tomohisa Yamashita) from her upcoming best collaboration album “Checkmate!” which will be released on March 23, 2011.

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Fuzzy Control & DREAMS COME TRUE

One great thing to come out of Fuzzy Control‘s joining DCT records (DREAMS COME TRUE‘s indie record label) is the collaborative songs between the two bands and the latest is called “Sono Saki e,” featured in the 4th season of the J-drama “Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji.” Very catchy song and SATOKO rocks the drums!

Connection to Okinawa: Fuzzy Control’s vocalist/guitarist, JUON, was born in Okinawa.

“A.A.Aiyaiya,A.A!” is the band’s first single under the DCT records label and it—as well as its music video—are currently available on iTunes (link opens iTunes).

Shimobuku Rekoodo: Masaru and Isamu


Just in time for the start of summer is a new musical unit comprised of Masaru Shimabukuro (BEGIN) and Isamu Shimoji who call themselves Shimobuku Rekoodo (Record). The duo just released their debut album, “Looking South West,” on the Teichiku label. Isamu’s previous release was last year’s collaboration with (Karakui.com favorite) Yukito Ara for the EP “SAKISHIMA meeting.” Masaru, besides his work with BEGIN, has been busy producing songs for artists like Miki Imai, Hiromi Iwasaki and Aya Ueto.

The album is currently available at cdjapan.co.jp (affiliate link) for ¥2,381 and has a total of 12 tracks. And for kicks, check out the duo’s “press conference” on Teichiku’s YouTube channel.

(Via Campus Record Staff’s blog.)

Misako Oshiro & Toru Yonaha to release collaboration album!

Mark your calendars for this historic (well, IMHO) release: on June 24 veteran singer Misako Oshiro and popular singer-songwriter (and producer) Toru Yonaha will release a collaboration album titled “Futari Uta~Umui Keishou.” The 12-track (including a bonus track of a live performance at Misako’s Shima Umui) album is produced by Toru Yonaha and will be released on Misako’s current record label, Tuff Beats. The album is available for pre-order at cdjapan.co.jp: “Futari Uta~Umui Keishou”.

(Via Campus Record Staff Blog.)

Yukito Ara x Isamu Shimoji’s “Sakishima Meeting” available on iTunes!


If you’ve been a longtime follower of my blogs, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Yukito Ara and his O-pop band Parsha cluB. Therefore, I’m ecstatic to find music of his (albeit a recent collaboration with Isamu Shimoji, an awesome artist from Miyako Island) available on iTunes. The EP, “Sakishima Meeting,” was released last year (July 26), contains a total of four tracks and while the disc is priced at ¥1,200 (about USD $12), it can be purchased on iTunes for USD $3.96. Awesome stuff.

iTunes Link

PV for BENI’s upcoming single “Kiss Kiss Kiss”

BENI’s new single—and her 2nd since going solely by her first name—won’t be released until April 8, 2009, but luckily, her record label has released the PV of the single on their official YouTube page. The new single, titled “Kiss Kiss Kiss,” sports BENI in a short bob-style hairdo (which I really like, BTW) and I think it’s a good follow-up to her previous single “Mou Nidoto…” (links to YouTube).

In addition to the new single, BENI will have a song featured on the website of the fashion store FOREVER 21 which will be opening a branch in Harajuku on April 21, 2009.

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Emi Tawata collaborates with apparel brand SOULSMANIA

Singer Emi Tawata’s latest mini album, “Sweet Soul Love,” was just released on the 18th and it features a collaboration with popular apparel brand SOULSMANIA. The combined effort produced a lineup of t-shirts that perfectly compliment both sides as the apparel from SOULSMANIA are influenced by black culture and Emi’s style of music is a mix of R&B and Reggae. The t-shirts will be available for sale during Emi’s “Sweet Soul Tour 2009” beginning March 24, 2009.

The video above is a promotional clip for her new mini album featuring the song “Baby Come Close To Me.” (A full version of the song can be found on YouTube.)

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YUI provides Stereopony’s next single – Tokyograph

Up-and-coming girl band Stereopony has revealed that their third single, ‘I do it,’ is a collaboration with singer-songwriter YUI. This is the first time that YUI has created a song for another artist.

The band’s vocalist, AIMI, has been heavily influenced by YUI. The group shares the same producer as her, but they were still surprised during a recording session in Okinawa when YUI, who happened to be taking a break there at the time, unexpectedly visited the studio. During that session, ‘I do it’ was born.

The song is being released on April 22. On March 18, it will be made available for download as a chaku-uta.

(Link: YUI provides Stereopony’s next single.)