Wallpaper: Yui Aragaki for Tokyo Metro (December 2010)

Sad that this’ll be the last wallpaper for the year (2010) but on the bright side, it looks like Yui will still be the image girl heading into 2011! It’s also worth clicking through the CMs and the “Making of” features are pretty cool too. Just seeing Yui smile makes one want to smile too. …

Wallpaper: Yui Aragaki for Tokyo Metro’s ‘Tokyo Heart’

Now here’s a person we don’t see that often on a wallpaper (i.e. official ad stuff as opposed to fan-made stuff): Yui “Gakky” Aragaki for Tokyo Metro’s “Tokyo Heart” ads. Also worth checking out the CM that’s on the website too. Download your wallpaper and check out the CM here. (Via 壁紙fan!)

Hirara releases debut mini album, “Kanikubata”

Miyakojima folk singer, Hirara, who performed at this year’s Okinawan Festival in Honolulu, released her debut mini album, “Kanikubata,” on December 1, 2009. The album is currently sold in Okinawa and contains a total of six tracks including “Kanikubata” and “Tsuki ni Negai wo” — both featured in CMs for the awamori Kiku no Tsuyu.

Wallpaper: Namie Amuro makes you want to try Coca-Cola zero

We called it, and it happened! (We love it when we’re right. 😀 ) Available as of today, three wallpapers to lovely adorn your Mac/PC with from the Coca-Cola zero website featuring Namie Amuro. Also available on the site is the new CM (15 and 30-second spots) and a making of which clocks in at …

Namie Amuro to star in Coca-Cola Zero CM

Namie Amuro has her second CM appearance set for 2009. Like the Vidal Sassoon spot, the upcoming CM (set to air on the 11th of this month) for Coca-Cola zero will feature Amuro in the ad as well as her upcoming single, “WILD,” which will be released on March 18, 2009. The single will be …