Emi Tawata collaborates with apparel brand SOULSMANIA

Singer Emi Tawata’s latest mini album, “Sweet Soul Love,” was just released on the 18th and it features a collaboration with popular apparel brand SOULSMANIA. The combined effort produced a lineup of t-shirts that perfectly compliment both sides as the apparel from SOULSMANIA are influenced by black culture and Emi’s style of music is a mix of R&B and Reggae. The t-shirts will be available for sale during Emi’s “Sweet Soul Tour 2009” beginning March 24, 2009.

The video above is a promotional clip for her new mini album featuring the song “Baby Come Close To Me.” (A full version of the song can be found on YouTube.)

(via bounce.com.)

Kosuke Atari models for GAP – Tokyograph

Singer Kosuke Atari will soon be making his ‘world debut’ as a model. He has been chosen to participate in GAP’s 2008 spring campaign. The fashion brand has previously used Japanese celebrities in its campaigns; last year, Ken Watanabe, Puffy, and Ai Tominaga appeared in ads.

Atari has recently been gaining popularity in Taiwan and other parts of Asia. The GAP campaign will give him exposure across the globe, with promotional materials set to appear in more than 3,000 stores worldwide.

This series of ads also features R&B artist Maxwell, actor Chris Pine, and music producer Swizz Beatz. Photos were taken in New York this past autumn.

(Via Tokyograph.)

Amami-Oshima J-pop singer, Kosuke Atari, scored big with this one. If you’re not familiar with Atari’s music, his singing style can be compared to Amami-Oshima utasha (folk singer) and currently a J-pop artist, Chitose Hajime, one of my favorite singers.