Namie Amuro’s latest album “PAST<FUTURE” is top-selling album

Namie Amuro’s “PAST < FUTURE” was the top selling album this past week, with close to 331,000 units sold. At the age of 32, she has now become the first female solo artist to achieve #1 with an original album in her 10s, 20s, and 30s. She had three of them before her 20th birthday in 1997, followed by a couple more in 2000 and 2007. […]

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GReeeeN recaptures record for fastest million downloads – Tokyograph

GReeeeN has reclaimed a digital download record with their newest single ‘Kiseki,’ which is being used as the theme song for the drama series ‘ROOKIES.’

The group’s hit song ‘Aiuta’ had previously set a record for reaching 1 million chaku-uta downloads in only 91 days. In March, Thelma Aoyama broke that record with ‘Soba ni Iru ne,’ taking only 43 days to reach a million. Now, ‘Kiseki’ has set the new record in less than a month – it was released on April 19 and achieved a million downloads as of May 18. It has also been #1 on Recochoku’s weekly chaku-uta rankings for four consecutive weeks.

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Congratulations to the J-pop quartet GReeeeN for setting a new chaku-uta download record. “Kiseki” is their first J-drama theme song (for the TBS drama “Rookies“) and the group’s seventh single overall with the previous single, “Tabidachi,” having only been released two months ago on March 5th. The group, member 92 (kuni) is from Okinawa, has a pretty interesting story so check out the Wikipedia entry for more.

9 years, 3 months was well-worth the wait

Great, great, news folks. Namie Amuro’s latest (and very awesome) single, “60s 70s 80s,” will be at the top spot on Oricon’s weekly rankings chart dated for March 31. The single, which debuted at the second spot behind Kanjani Eight’s “Wahaha,” will be Amuro’s first single to hit the sweet spot in sales since 1998’s “I HAVE NEVER SEEN” (on sale at the iTunes Store). Congratulations, Amuro!

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Amuro’s ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ Makes It Her 13th Consecutive Oricon Best 10 Single

Congratulations to J-Pop diva Namie Amuro (29), whose latest single “Baby Don’t Cry” (released 2007.1.24) charted at #3 on the Oricon Single Chart making it her 13th consecutive single to reach the top 10! It’s an amazing feat when you consider that it was her 1995 single “Taiyou no SEASON” that started it all. [Via]