Gakky to become next blog queen? – Tokyograph

Popular teen idol/actress Yui Aragaki opened her official blog just over a week ago, but it has already jumped to 2nd in the popularity rankings of celebrity blogs hosted by blogging site Ameblo.

Aragaki is outranked only by Chinatsu Wakatsuki, who has long been at the top of the Ameblo rankings. Other celebrities on the same site include Rie Tomosaka, Saeko, Misako Yasuda, Eriko Sato, and Leah Dizon.

(Via Gakky to become next blog queen? – Tokyograph.)

I’m subscribed to Gakky’s feed and she posts to her blog at least once a day. Fellow celebrity Uchinanchu blogger, Yu Yamada, is also on Ameblo and frequently updates her blog with lots of pics too. Worth checking out and subscribing to.

[Updated] ‘Hair change!’ – Yu Yamada

We’ve been had by Yu-chan.

[Update] We’ve been had by Yu who was preparing for her first live event for the Shibuya Girls Collection.

Yu Yamada gets a new ‘do

Yu Yamada (23) posted a pic (above) on her blog today showing off her new “hair change.” Although I believe Yu’s long hair was one of her trademarks, I think she looks cuter with short hair and the comments left on the post (which range from disbelief that she actually cut it to her matching the new ‘do) are pretty much in favor with the change.

Hawaiian meets Okinawan: Churamana

If you’re a fan of Hawaiian and Okinawan music you may be interested in the duo Churamana (チュラマナ, roughly translated as “Beautiful [chura, Okinawan] Energy [mana, Hawaiian]”) with Tokyo-born Maki Uehara on vocals/hula and Ishigakijima-born Makiko Miyara (formerly of the O-pop group Donann) on vocals. If you’re familiar with the group TINGARA (Okinawan healing music) — check out this Pop.i-O entry I posted about 2 years ago on them — Churamana’s music may seem familiar and that’s due to Gerhen Oshima’s (ex-TINGARA, on sanshin) involvement in the project along with a well-known musician of Hawaiian music in Japan by the name of Yuki “Alani” Yamauchi (on slack-key guitar, Hawaiian guitar and ukulele).

Samples of the duo’s music is available at the Japan iTunes Store (clicking on link will launch iTunes). If you’re interested in purchasing their CDs, they’re available at one of my favorite online stores,

Churamana’s Discography (caps = katakana):

Rakuen no Niji
“Rakuen no Niji” 2007.05.23 (VICL-62409)

  1. Hi‘lawe ∼ Akata Sundunchi
  2. Aloha Oe
  3. ChuraMANA
  4. Hana ∼ Subete no Hito no Koroko ni Hana wo
  5. Mana
  6. Umi no Joou Rainha do mar
  7. Pua Mae‘ole
  8. Asadoya Yunta
  9. Kokoro ni Niji wo
  10. Amakakiru Hashi
  11. Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua
  12. Yuuyake no Niwa

Futatsu no Rakuen
Futatsu no Rakuen 2006.06.21 (VICL-61977)

  1. Ula No Weo —Prologue—
  2. Kodou ∼Ichimadin∼
  3. Akaka Falls
  4. Tinsagu nu Hana
  5. Pua Ahihi
  6. Furusato
  7. Pua Anela
  8. Kanahele —Interlude—
  9. Tsuki nu Kaisha
  10. Yashi no Mi
  11. Ula No Weo

Official Website (Victor Entertaiment, Inc.)
Official Blog (Futatsu no Rakuen)’s #2 BotD (Japanese Language) is from Okinawa

Screenshot of Okinawa Basketball Association’s Blog

So I’m about to shut down (gotta go practice sanshin yo) but I decide to surf around a bit and came across the daily Top Blogs listing. Clicked 日本語 (Nihongo) under “Language Filters” and lo and behold, sitting at the number two spot for the Blogs of the Day (BotD) is the Okinawa Basketball Association blog! I’m no basketball nut (baseball is closer to my turf) but with a little over 95,000 hits since August 2006, wow.