Web: Minami Sanshin-ten

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If you’re into finding out more about the sanshin, head on over to the Minami Sanshin-ten blog for photos of their order-made sanshin. You’ll find a lot of great photos featuring different styles of sanshin (Makabii, Chinin Deeku, Kuba nu Funi, Yunaa), videos and photos of sanshin in different stages of development. You can also follow them on Twitter @m34t.

Web: Okinawa Geinojin


Okinawa Geinojin is an online directory (in Japanese) of entertainers who were born in Okinawa. The entertainers are categorized by musicians, actors/actresses, Okinawan minyou singers, and tarento.

Blogs: Voices from Okinawa Online


It’s always nice to see a blog about Okinawa (especially if it’s in English) and here’s one you’ll want to check out: “Voices from Okinawa Online: A blog related to the summer 2009 issue of MANOA.”

From the MANOA website:

Launched in 1989, MANOA strives to bring the literature of Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas to English-speaking readers. To date, the journal has published forty volumes, about 8,000 pages, and over 1,000 writers, translators, reviewers, and editors. In addition, MANOA sponsors readings, exhibitions, performances, and other events.

Visit: Voices from Okinawan Online

Yusuke Kamiji, Yu Yamada get “BLOG of the year 2008” honors


Congratulations to Yusuke Kamiji and to Yu Yamada for being honored with Ameba’s “BLOG of the year 2008” award. Kamiji, who also won the award last year, is known for his blog which has a Guinness World Record distinction for most unique hits in a day. The Ameba awards is categorized by: tarento/actor (there’s a male and a female one for this with Kamiji taking the male award, of course), artist, model (Yamada won this award), owarai geinin (comedian), and tokubetsu (other).

(Via Tokyograph.)