All-Star Musicians Gather for Sanlele’s Day

Sanlele’s Day on YouTube

Sanlele’s Day is the 30th of August and for this year a group of all-star musicians got together to perform the song “Dumifa no Uta”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the sanlele, it was created by Alberto Shiroma (Diamantes) and Machidaya (Yomitan village) to be a combination of the sanshin “san” and the ukulele “lele”. The all-star band (all from Yomitan) features Alberto Shiroma on sanlele, Kinjo Ayano (Kiroro) on piano, Nagamine Yoshiaki (Kyan Marie, Medusa) on guitar, and Kiyosaku (Mongol800) on bass.

What at lazz (@Whatatlazz)

What at lazz’s “snowdrop”

Rock band What at lazz recently performed a special live at Legend Sports Heroes Okinawa and Nema Ui loved it!

The 4-member band (ワトラズ) formed in April 2018 in Okinawa and features female-vocalist Kyon, Yoshinii on guitar, Masshii on bass, and Takkun on drums. Okinawa has a rich history of rock bands and fairly recent bands with female singers are seven oops, FLiP, and Stereopony. To date, What a lazz has only released singles and I’m happy to say that all are available on Apple Music! Here’s a link to their latest single Slashing Symphony. The song (Start Dash) Ui mentioned in her tweet is unreleased and looks to be included in their upcoming album.

Follow What a lazz on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

The OGsband “Chibariyo”

“Chibariyo” from The OGsband (from their YouTube channel) is really catchy.

Here’s a short biography of the band via their MySpace Music page:

We are 3 Americans that decided to make Okinawa our home. After playing in various cover bands here, we decided to join forces and start an original acoustic band. So far, so good. We are currently in the process of recording more demo songs to upload and hopefully, we can record a CD in 2010. You can hear some of the songs that may be included on that CD on our music player or click on one of the below videos. Let us know what you think. Thanks.

僕たちは沖縄を自分たちのホームタウンに活動する事に決めた3人です。沖縄でいろいろな曲をカバーしているうちにオリジナルアコースチックバンドを始めることに決めました。曲はロック、フォークソング、カントリー、ブルース、そして沖縄調を合わせもつ曲です。 カバーソングの演奏はリクエストに対応できます。 曲は、一晩で3セット〔各45分〕用意しています。スケジュールなどはぜひ下のサイトでご覧ください。

Check out the OGsband on MySpace Music. Chibariyo guys!

Monpachi’s albums hit the iTunes Store! Buy now!

If there’s one album you should own that represents the indie punk scene in Okinawa, it’s Mongol800’s (or affectionately known as Monpachi) 2001 album “MESSAGE.” The album contains a couple of their most popular songs: “Chiisana Koi no Uta” and “Ryukyu Aika,” but the album in its entirety is absolutely awesome. If you’re into rock, even pop rock, you’ll definitely love the album. “Chiisana Koi no Uta” is often covered by other artists so that should be enough to buy it, no? Great thing about having it on the iTunes Store is that you can always sample before you buy so what’s stopping you?

“MESSAGE” as well as the rest of the band’s discography is now available at the U.S. iTunes Store (link will open iTunes) in iTunes Plus glory.

I’ve included a PV of Yurika Ohyama’s (from Okinoerabu-jima) found on YouTube of her covering “Chiisana Koi no Uta.”