Sadao China has a big 2009

2009 has turned out to be a big year for the utasaa great, Sadao China. Perhaps the biggest was the King Records limited edition 6-CD box set “Shimauta Hyakkei” released back in October. (The box set can be purchased at our favorite online retailer, CDJapan.) Yeah, a CD box set release may not be the most exciting of news to some, but throw in a Japan Record Award and we’ve definitely got something here.

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But that’s not all folks! Beginning this month (and into January 2010), Sadao China will be featured in an NHK series introducing the sanshin to beginners of the instrument. Titled “Mensoore! Hajimete no Sanshin,” the show also has its own textbook to follow along with Sadao’s lessons. I’m hoping NHK will release a DVD when the series is over and we’ll post it here if we hear news of it.

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Vogue’s Women of the Year and Decade – Tokyograph

On Monday, Vogue Nippon presented its annual Women of the Year awards, which started in 2005. The magazine also gave out several Women of the Decade awards, in honor of the magazine’s 10th anniversary this year.

A total of ten women were honored. The 2009 Women of the Year were Aya Ueto (24), Yu Aoi (24), Yukie Nakama (29), and playwright Yukiko Motoya (30). The Women of the Decade awards went to actress Rie Miyazawa (36), model Ai Tominaga (27), artist Yayoi Kusama (80), actress Shinobu Otake (52), former tennis pro Ai Sugiyama (34), and Yoko Ono (76). Ono was not present at the ceremony, but she recorded a video message for the event.

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Two with ties to Okinawa: Aya Ueto and Yukie Nakama.

Meisa Kuroki named “Miss Lily” – Tokyograph

On Sunday, the International Flower Bulb Centre held a presentation ceremony for its 8th annual Miss Lily award, given to women who best match lilies. This year’s winner was young actress Meisa Kuroki (21).

Kuroki remarked that she “finally feels like a woman again.” Just last month, she finished playing a female version of Oda Nobunaga in a theatrical production of “Onna Nobunaga.”

Last year’s Miss Lily was actress Ryoko Hirosue. Other previous winners include Hitomi Kuroki and Takako Tokiwa.

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Meisa named Miss Cotton – Tokyograph

The 6th Cotton USA Awards were held in Tokyo on Tuesday. The awards, designed to promote the cotton industry, are given annually to celebrities who possess cotton-like qualities such as ‘softness’ and ‘freshness.’

Meisa Kuroki (20) was selected as Miss Cotton, while Hitomi Kuroki (48) was named Mrs. Cotton. DAIGO (31) picked up the title of Mr. Cotton. This year, there was an additional ‘legend’ category, which was given to the late actor Yusaku Matsuda.

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Speed’s Eriko Imai wins Best Mother Award – Tokyograph

In honor of Mother’s Day, the 2nd annual Best Mother Awards were presented on Sunday. The winners were chosen by public vote across various categories.

Eriko Imai (25), a member of pop group SPEED, received the most votes in the music category. Imai revealed last year that her 4-year-old son has been experiencing hearing problems.


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Amuro, Denki Groove top Space Shower awards – Tokyograph

On Sunday, the 2009 SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards were presented. This year, Namie Amuro won Best Female Video for the second year in a row with ‘NEW LOOK.’ To top it off, she also picked up the newly established Best Artist award.

Best Video of the Year went to Denki Groove’s ‘Mononoke Dance,’ which also earned them the prize in the Best Groove Video category. Meanwhile, RADWIMPS’ ‘Order Made’ took Best Rock Video and the fan-selected Best Your Choice.

Like Amuro, Motohiro Hata also achieved a repeat in the Best Male Video category with ‘Kimi, Meguru, Boku.’

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Yusuke Kamiji, Yu Yamada get “BLOG of the year 2008” honors


Congratulations to Yusuke Kamiji and to Yu Yamada for being honored with Ameba’s “BLOG of the year 2008” award. Kamiji, who also won the award last year, is known for his blog which has a Guinness World Record distinction for most unique hits in a day. The Ameba awards is categorized by: tarento/actor (there’s a male and a female one for this with Kamiji taking the male award, of course), artist, model (Yamada won this award), owarai geinin (comedian), and tokubetsu (other).

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Namie Amuro’s ‘BEST FICTION’ wins Japan Record Awards Best Album

The Japan Record Awards were held on Tuesday. The big winner was EXILE, who added the top prize to their growing list of honors this year. Their song ‘Ti Amo’ was chosen for the Japan Record Award out of 12 nominees, which included artists such as Kiyoshi Hikawa, TVXQ, and Kumi Koda. For EXILE, this is one step up from last year, when they won the Best Singer award with ‘Toki no Kakera.’

The title of Best New Artist was given to enka singer Jero, while Best Singer went to Mitsuko Nakamura. It was already known earlier this month that Namie Amuro’s ‘BEST FICTION’ was chosen for Best Album.

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