GANGA ZUMBA’s 2nd album out on 8/20

Kazufumi Miyazawa’s (THE BOOM) latest project, GANGA ZUMBA, will be releasing their 2nd, self-titled album, on 8/20/08. The album will feature 13 tracks including the clip above, “Ashiato no nai michi.” The project commemorates the 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Brazil. Kazufumi’s (think “Shima Uta“) world-inspired pop rock for GANGA ZUMBA features Argentine-born singer Claudia Oshiro on vocals and sanshin. (Kazufumi produced Claudia’s debut album, “CLAUDIA.”)

Below is a live clip for the Okinawan-inspired song “Chimuguri Utasha” found on Kazufumi’s solo work: “Shima-Uta,” which is available on iTunes (link opens iTunes).

Music: Claudia Oshiro’s debut album ‘Claudia’

Argentina-born folk singer Claudia Oshiro’s debut album “Claudia” (FVCD-1004) will be released in Japan on September 8, 2007. The ¥1,600 CD album contains eight songs (see below) and was produced by THE BOOM’s Kazufumi Miyazawa.

Track List:

  1. 片思い (Kataumui)
  2. 美しい島 (Utsukushii Kuni)
  3. 二見情話 (Futami Jouwa) — a duet with Kazufumi Miyazawa
  4. 我した琉球 (Washita Uchinaa)
  5. てぃんさぐぬ花 (Tinsagu nu Hana)
  6. ヨーアヒ小 (Yooafigwa)
  7. 白雲節 (Shirakumu Bushi)
  8. 恋ぬ花 (Kui nu Hana)

[Via Campus Record Staff Blog.]

The album can be found at and at Also check out this interview with the singer.

Claudia Oshiro’s Debut Album Coming Soon?

Claudia Oshiro - Wow According to the Okinawa Cyura Sounds blog (which happens to also be one of my favorite podcasts from Okinawa), Argentine-born nisei (2nd generation) Claudia Oshiro will soon be making her CD debut with The Boom’s Kazufumi Miyazawa as producer! I couldn’t find much info on the album yet — it’ll be called “CLAUDIA” — but she’s streaming two songs on her MySpace.

Pretty excited about this release and I’m wondering if it’ll sound like Yoriko Ganeko’s “Kui nu Hana” album (which was also produced by Kazufumi). I’ll have an update on this (hopefully with an album cover and track list) as more info becomes available. In the meantime, be sure to check out her MySpace to check out the two songs she has up.

(Image is via Claudia’s MySpace profile.)