Jiifaa from Tsuha Ryukyu Store

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Here’s something you don’t see on sale very often — especially online — is the Luchu hair accessory Jiifaa. Available in different sizes and material and sold by the long established Tsuha Ryukyu Store (where every dancer/musician has probably stopped by at least once), the product’s description says it can be used for dance as well as an everyday use or as a talisman. The web store (on Shopify’s platform FTW), has many other items that you won’t find online elsewhere and they should be able to ship worldwide (we can confirm shipping to Hawaii).

UNIQLO’s UT Corporate Collaboration t-shirts feature two Okinawa awamori companies

I can file this in the “I should be in Japan/Okinawa now so that I can buy this” folder. UNIQLO, one of the coolest clothing companies in Japan (and the world?) has t-shirts in their UT Corporate Collaboration series featuring two awamori companies.

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