Voice Actor Shimabukuro Miyuri in Carole & Tuesday

If you’re looking for an amazing anime to binge on before the year ends, look no further than Carole & Tuesday which is streaming on Netflix (US). It has a great story, great music, and a great message. Voice actor Shimabukuro Miyuri (島袋美由利) from Okinawa voices Carole (singing is done by Nai Br.XX) and although she’s only been active since 2017, her filmography is already impressive. We look forward to seeing (rather, hearing) more of her in 2021!

“BENI invited to Anime Expo 2010” – Tokyograph

Singer BENI (24), who just achieved her first #1 album this past week with “Lovebox,” has been confirmed as an official Guest of Honor for this year’s Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles.

Anime Expo 2010 is being held on July 1-4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. BENI is scheduled to perform a concert on July 3 at the Nokia Theater.

BENI, who used to perform under her full name Beni Arashiro, once attended an elementary school in San Diego, California. However, this will be her first time performing as a singer in the continental United States.

(Via Tokyograph.)

Clip from BENI’s “Gimme Gimme” single released on May 5, 2010.

Anime Expo 2010’s article on BENI.
Wikipedia entry for BENI

Aya Ueto returns to music with “Reborn” theme – Tokyograph


Actress Aya Ueto is set to release her first single in two years. The song, titled ‘Smile for…,’ is originally part of a concept album for the Smile Project 2009, a music collection intended to bring smiles to faces across Japan. However, it has also been selected as the new ending theme for the ‘Katekyo Hitman Reborn!’ anime series.

The single is set for a CD release on June 3 and a chaku-uta release on April 1. Because the song will begin airplay on ‘Katekyo Hitman Reborn!’ starting April 4, priority was given for the chaku-uta release.

Like Ueto, ‘Smile for…’ is a positive and upbeat song that gives off a feeling of ‘spring.’ It was written and composed by singer Kohmi Hirose, who is involved in the Smile Project 2009.

Veteran Amami utasha Ikue Asazaki

We often focus on the new singers from Amami-Oshima like Rikki Nakano, Chitose Hajime, Kosuke Atari, and Minami Kizuki, leaving out the traditional singers. So, better late than never, no? Ikue Asazaki is a veteran utasha (now in her 70s) who has been singing Amami shimauta since picking it up from her father and regarded as a genius of the music. While Ikue has had indie record releases since 1997, it wasn’t until 2002 that she had her first major label release with the album “Utaba Utayun” on Universal Music. According to her Wikipedia page, “Utaba Utayun” is one of her most famous, notably for the song “Obokuri Eeumi,” which was featured in the anime “Samurai Champloo” (see below video).

With 2005’s “Obokuri” (Toshiba EMI) being her last major label release, Ikue has since returned as an indies musician with her most recent album released on 2007 titled “Hamasaki” from the HIGH CONTRAST RECORDINGS label. Ikue’s official website can be found here.

(Nifee deebitan to Shari Tamashiro for bringing the singer to my attention.)

Amuro does animated music video – Tokyograph

Namie Amuro’s new song ‘Dr.’ will be made into an anime music video. This is the first time that one of her music videos will be a fully animated work. In addition, Amuro will appear in it as an animated character.

A group of more than forty of Japan’s leading creators, deemed the ‘strongest’ in animation, was assembled for the project. Special animators from movies, commercials, and video games are involved, including studios like the up-and-coming Kamikaze Douga, SUNRISE, and Studio Jack. The previous credits of these artists include the ‘Dragon Quest’ series, ‘AKIRA,’ ‘Steamboy,’ and ‘Pokemon.’ Leading the project is creative director Shuichi Sato, known primarily for commercials such as Vidal Sassoon.

The music video’s length clocks in […]

Read rest of the story: “Amuro does animated music video – Tokyograph.”

Namie’s latest single, “Wild/Dr.,” was just released on March 18, 2009, and has charted to the top position in Oricon’s daily singles ranking (as of 3/23).

Gakky works with Ghibli for new single – Tokyograph

Actress Yui Aragaki is collaborating with Studio Ghibli for her upcoming single, ‘piece.’ Ghibli’s Yoshiyuki Momose directed the title song’s music video, as well as contributing art for the CD jacket.

The collaboration came about after Aragaki served as the guide of an NHK music program last May that focused on Disney and Ghibli songs. An offer to produce the music video was given in November, and Momose agreed after hearing the song. Momose’s previous work includes ‘Ghiblies Episode 2’ and music videos for artists such as capsule.

In addition to the animated music video, a second live-action video is also being made. Likewise, the CD jacket will come in three flavors – one illustrated by Aragaki, one illustrated by Momose, and one featuring a photo of Aragaki’s face.

‘piece’ goes on sale February 25.

(Link: Gakky works with Ghibli for new single – Tokyograph.)

Wow. Gakky. Studio Ghibli. capsule. That should be enough to say that this is going to be one awesome single.

Stereo Pony steps up from “Bleach” to “Gundam” – Tokyograph

The new Okinawan girls band Stereo Pony is on a roll. Last month, they released their debut single ‘Hitohira no Hanabira,’ which was used as the ending theme of the hit anime series ‘Bleach.’ Now, they will be doing the theme song for the ‘Mobile Suit Gundam 00’ series, starting on January 11.

The ‘Gundam’ franchise has not used a new artist for a theme song since Hitomi Takahashi sang ‘Bokutachi no Yukue’ in 2005 for ‘Gundam SEED Destiny.’ Like Takahashi, the three members of Stereo Pony are all in their teens.

Many ‘Gundam’ theme songs have become hit singles in the past, which means high hopes for Stereo Pony’s tune, titled ‘Namida no Mukou.’ The single will go on sale in February.

(Link: Stereo Pony steps up from “Bleach” to “Gundam” – Tokyograph.)

Wow. This is really big news for them and I think, in a way, Stereo Pony (ステレオポニー) may fill the void left by the exit of vocalist Maakii of HandMC. (That’s not to say that I’m dismissing the group altogether, but Maakii leaving them has a much larger effect than the exit of drummer Katchan from ORANGE RANGE who have managed to remain popular since.) The YouTube clip above is from the band’s PV for their debut single “Hitohira no Hanabira” (11/5/08) which is a very catchy tune that’s worth checking out.

Stereo Pony’s official website and official blog.