MAX’s Online Concert for July 4th

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Speaking of MAX, they’re really on a roll this year with music releases, YouTube, and now an upcoming online concert. “MAX ONLINE LIVE ‘Summer Blast 2021′” will take place on Sunday, July 4th (Japan time) and members of their fan club (J-MAX NEO) have access to an after-talk with an encore song. Unfortunately, there is no archive for the concert so it’s a one-time viewing. Info can be found on their production company’s website.

MAX Announces New Single for July 28th

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They’ve been busy with their YouTube channel and now we have word that MAX is releasing their 37th single on July 28th! Their previous single, Parthenon, was released two years ago during the summer and it was an upbeat dance tune. The new single is yet-to-be-named but they’re promising it’ll be a banger to make everyone happy this summer.

HIFF Eat.Drink.Film 2021 Showcase Series

Shogen 尚玄

No, we’re not getting a film from Okinawa but we do have an actor from Okinawa who is starring in director Yoshida Kota’s Sexual Drive. Fashion model and actor Shogen stars in the film and many may recognize him as Raye Penber from the 2015 Death Note TV series. He has an impressive filmography and is currently in the Philippines to finish filming Gensan Punch.

A Japanese triptych about sex, aphrodisiac foods and secret desires.

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“Sexual Drive” trailer

Sexual Drive will be available for streaming from June 10-20. It’s not my kind of film but I’ll likely watch it for Shogen.

GORI★OKINAWA’s Silver Creator Award (YouTube)

Having reached 100,000 (167K as of this posting) subscribers on his GORI★OKINAWA YouTube channel, Gori does an unboxing of his Silver Creator Award. It’ll be awesome to see the channel reach the next award for 1 million subs. During his unboxing, Gori mentioned his other channel (not a subchannel but a personal one) which currently has over 1,000 subs. It’s not updated as much as the GORI one but I really like this one featuring the cats of Okinawa.

Hawaii’s KIKU-TV RIP

You may have heard a rumor that KIKU will stop airing Japanese and Filipino programming soon.

Unfortunately, the rumor is true.

Starting Monday, June 28, 2021, KIKU and other stations owned by RNN National, LLC will air ShopHQ 24/7.

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Definitely sad news to hear that KIKU-TV will no longer show Asian programming. The station brought us NHK’s Red & White Song Festival every year (well, up to 2019’s edition of the show) as well as NHK’s Taiga drama (probably how many saw Ryukyu no Kaze — yes, in spite of how Japanese it was). There was a time when they also broadcasted Okinawa’s folk music red & white song festival (Shinshun Minyou Kouhaku Uta-gassen). The channel will definitely be missed.

Nenes Announce Upcoming Album “Gajumaru” for June Release

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Nenes has a new album that’s planned to be released on June 23rd! The album titled “Gajumaru” will be a self-cover album and we’re still awaiting details for the track list. Given that they have an enormous catalog of songs to choose from (1990 was the first generation Nenes — they’re currently on the 6th generation!), it would have been interesting if they let the fans choose a few of the songs. Maybe they’ll do one of those the next time. 😊

The group mainly use the Twitcasting platform for their streamed shows but they also have a YouTube channel with short clips. Sadly, currently none of their new material is available on Apple Music 🇺🇸 so we’ll have to look to importing the CD.