Upcoming Concerts at Koza Music Town

via Otoichiba

With all of the concerts that were canceled, postponed, or live-streamed due to the pandemic, we have to remain hopeful that we’ll one day be able to attend in-person events. If the upcoming awesome concerts at Music Town Otoichiba are any indication, the future looks bright.

October 10th is the Anniversary Concert Bashoufu celebrating 60 years of music composer Fukuhara Tsuneo (pictured). It’s an amazing lineup featuring Four Sisters, Maekawa Shuken, Iha Chieko, Deigo Musume, Yohen Aiko, and Yonaha Toru among others.

October 30th is the Arise Harvest Festival concert that was postponed from 9/19. It’ll feature THE SAKISHIMA meeting (Ara Yukito & Shimoji Isamu) and Matsuda Shinobu among others.

November 13th is the one that sounds the most interesting: SUKIYAKI OKINAWA 2021 “Ainu x Luchu Music on the Borderline”. This concert features musicians MAREWREW, Tetsushi Hiroyama (RYUKYU DISKO), Aoi (Nakamura Natsuki x Shimoji Ayaka), and Okinawa Electric Girl Saya.

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