New Music Releases

New singles and albums released in August 2021

What at lazz’s “Sumaho wa Shimatte Dance Night”

2021.08.02 [Single] Nema Ui – Aoao (Link)

2021.08.04 [Single] MATSURI – HOTARU (Link)

2021.08.04 [Compilation Album] Hajime Chitose – Tokotowa (Link)

2021.08.04 [Single] Off The Care – Li-Li-Go (Link)

2021.08.04 [Single] Anly – Cancel Machi no Koi (Link)

2021.08.05 [Single] hiro (SPEED) – Something Great (Link)

2021.08.11 [Single] all at once (music composed by Nakasone Izumi of HY) – Toshi wo Kasanete (Link)

2021.08.11 [Album] Kamiya Chihiro – Utayui (Link)

2021.08.13 [Single] AI – In The Middle (feat. Daichi Miura) (Link)

2021.08.25 [Remix Album] HY & DJ HASEBE – HONEY meets ISLAND CAFE presents HY Ocean Blue Sound -The Surf Remixes- (Link)

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