i-Dushi on NHK Okinawa’s “Uchinaa de Asobo”

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While the duo is currently on hiatus, they made an appearance on NHK Okinawa’s “Uchinaa de Asobo” show which aired on 9/24 with a second showing on 10/1. They have kept archives of past video segments like the stories, songs, and theatre (Koja Misako’s in the “Ganchoo” episode!) so we’re hoping that they’ll upload i-Dushi’s appearance too.

MATSURI’s “Senkō Hanabi” Digital Single Artwork

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MATSURI’s 3rd digital single was just released and it’s another awesome song by her. Now that the song is out we have album artwork to go with it and if you’ve checked it out on Apple Music you may have noticed that it’s listed under the title “Hotaru” which was the previous single. 🥺 The folks over at Spotify did the safe thing and kept in Japanese (線香花火).

MORIKEN’s Ukulele Okinawan Sweets

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Nope. It’s not something you can eat but maybe it’s something your ears will find tasty. There’s a catalog listing for MORIKEN on Apple Music but sadly it’s still in Preview and not available to be added to one’s Library yet. As soon as they become available globally, we can’t wait to listen to the Sweets albums — especially with ukuleles performing the Kachāshī song Tooshin Dooi.

Himeyuri and Hawaii Special Exhibition

The Himeyuri Peace Museum will hold a special exhibition from 10/1 to 2/27/2022. The special exhibition is called “Himeyuri and Hawaii“:

In 1945, during the Battle of Okinawa, the Himeyuri Student Corps were mobilized as assistant nurses. This exhibition, “Himeyuri and Hawaii,” is an examination of the various relationships that exist between Himeyuri and the people of Hawaii over the years, even as it tells the story of the Himeyuri students.
Herein you will learn about the Himeyuri and the ties that they—and their homeland—share with Hawaii.


Just to highlight the special part of this exhibition is that they’re using a special Twitter account, a special website (using dot-com nonetheless), information is also available in English, and you’ll be able to view the special exhibition on their website.

Tamashiro Chiharu’s “Hope Dream Future”

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Tamashiro Chiharu (Kiroro) recently announced the release of her solo single “Hope Dream Future” on 9/21. As the song’s title implies, it’s a very uplifting song (very Kiroro) and the recording musicians include Shimabukuro Masaru (BEGIN) and members of HoRookies. Be sure to add it to your collection and check out the MV.

Tamashiro Chiharu’s “Hope Dream Future” MV

Upcoming Concerts at Koza Music Town

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With all of the concerts that were canceled, postponed, or live-streamed due to the pandemic, we have to remain hopeful that we’ll one day be able to attend in-person events. If the upcoming awesome concerts at Music Town Otoichiba are any indication, the future looks bright.

October 10th is the Anniversary Concert Bashoufu celebrating 60 years of music composer Fukuhara Tsuneo (pictured). It’s an amazing lineup featuring Four Sisters, Maekawa Shuken, Iha Chieko, Deigo Musume, Yohen Aiko, and Yonaha Toru among others.

October 30th is the Arise Harvest Festival concert that was postponed from 9/19. It’ll feature THE SAKISHIMA meeting (Ara Yukito & Shimoji Isamu) and Matsuda Shinobu among others.

November 13th is the one that sounds the most interesting: SUKIYAKI OKINAWA 2021 “Ainu x Luchu Music on the Borderline”. This concert features musicians MAREWREW, Tetsushi Hiroyama (RYUKYU DISKO), Aoi (Nakamura Natsuki x Shimoji Ayaka), and Okinawa Electric Girl Saya.

2021 Tubarāma Taikai on YouTube

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This year the Tubarāma Taikai was held at the Ishigaki Shimin Kaikan Dai Hōru (it was originally scheduled to be held outdoors at Shinei Park) without a live audience due to the pandemic. So in place of canceling it, they did a YouTube livestream and although the video is 3 hours 46 minutes long, the program actually starts around the 1 hour mark. The contestants range in age from the 10’s to the 70’s and come from Yaeyama, Uchinaa, and Japan.

“Tubarāma” is one of the representative folk songs of Yaeyama and is widely sung. The Tubarāma Tournament, which is held every year for the purpose of passing it on to future generations […]


Lucy’s “Koi no Yoisura Bushi”

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Qwotchee Records catalog release continues with Lucy’s recordings becoming available in digital format. At the time of this writing, her album “Koi no Yoisura Bushi” can only be previewed on Apple Music (assuming this is only for those outside of Uchinaa) so hopefully we’ll be able to stream it soon. The album was originally released in CD format back in 2013.