Rinken Band & Tink Tink on YouTube

Funayare Orchestra Version with English Subtitles

Listening to Rinken Band’s music is both nostalgic and emotional for me so the orchestra version of their song Funayare in the YouTube clip above pulls at my heartstrings. Uehara Tomoko’s voice is one-of-a-kind and the music Teruya Rinken composes is truly original.

Like many musicians during the pandemic, concert tours have been canceled and those with establishments (minyo clubs, restaurants) have been closed so many have turned to YouTube and social media to reach their many fans across the globe. Dubbed the Rinken Band & Tink Tink official YouTube channel, it actually features more Tink Tink than Rinken Band which is great for daily content but the few that feature Rinken or Tomoko are amazing. You can find Rinken introducing his many instruments which is super interesting for performers and non-performers alike and Tomoko’s solo live (one hour!) concert will blow you away.

Sayaka from Tink Tink

Let’s hope that things can get back to normal soon and fans will be able to see them perform at Kalahaai again.

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