Orix Buffaloes Miyagi Hiroya

via Twitter

I wonder if there is any other team in NPB that has as many players from Okinawa that the Orix Buffaloes has. There’s pitcher Higa Motoki (drafted 2nd in 2009), infielder Oshiro Koji (drafted 3rd in 2015), infielder Gibo Sho (drafted 5th in 2018), and then there’s 19-year old pitcher Miyagi Hiroya who was drafted 1st in 2019. He’s currently 5-0 with a 2.32 ERA and he recently picked up his first NPB hit. So he’s definitely one to watch.

The players from Okinawa usually choose a theme song from an Okinawan artist and for Miyagi Hiroya it’s BEGIN’s Sanshin no Hana which I think is very cool. Higa has used a song from MONGOL800 and Oshiro has used a different song from BEGIN.

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