FC Ryukyu Football/Soccer Team

FC Ryukyu’s Mascot Jinbee Nho (via Twitter)

Previously we’ve introduced Ryukyu Blue Waves (baseball) and Ryukyu Golden Kings (basketball), and now it’s time to introduce Okinawa’s professional football (soccer) team FC Ryukyu. Currently in the second division J2 League (since 2018), the team was founded in 2003 and of the professional sports teams in Okinawa, I think they have the coolest uniform. Of the other sports teams, FC Ryukyu has the most diverse lineup of team members who hail from Okinawa, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, and Costa Rica. Their home field is at the Tapic Kenso Hiyagon Stadium in Okinawa City. Speaking of their uniform, unlike the other sports teams, FC Ryukyu’s online store ships a few of their merch outside of Japan too!

Shinka TV Segment from their YouTube Channel

FC Ryukyu website. FC Ryukyu on Twitter. FC Ryukyu YouTube (has game highlights!).

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