MAX THE BOMB’s New Sub YouTube Channel

MAX Announces Their New Sub-Channel

As if one YouTube channel wasn’t enough, we now see sub channels (or is it subchannel?) and additional ones being created for fans. (Even my favorite YouTuber, MKBHD, recently created a new channel for his podcast.) Called【MAX】MTB まっく素のて〜げ〜ちゃんねる ([MAX] MTB [for Max The Bomb] Makku Moto no Teegee Channeru), they will release videos on a leisurely pace and feature personal topics (the latest video [May 9th] has NANA showcasing her Top 10 favorite childhood snacks).

It’s great to see that MAX is still going strong and I believe they’re the longest running idol group in Japan having debuted in 1995! I’m sure other fans are thinking about this too: How amazing would it be if Amuro Namie showed up on one of their videos as a Super Monkey’s reunion?

MAX’s website (still with Avex!). MAX’s regular YouTube channel. MAX on Twitter.

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