Ryukyu Blue Oceans Baseball Team

via Campfire

Did you know that Okinawa has several professional sports teams? Today we’re highlighting Okinawa’s professional baseball team, Ryukyu Blue Oceans. Formed in 2019 and active from 2020, the team features several players from Okinawa and is headquartered in Ginowan City. They have three home fields: Ginowan, Urasoe, and Miyako-jima. Pro baseball makes a lot of sense in Okinawa as there are many fans of the sport (as most recently evidenced by the large amount of social media support for Gushikawa Commercial High School making it to the spring Koshien) and many NPB teams hold spring training camps in Okinawa. One of the team’s goals is to join the NPB when it expands its cap on new teams (from 12 to 16).

Ryukyu Blue Oceans have currently started a crowdfunding project on Campfire with one of the rewards being the amazing game cap pictured above (unfortunately, it seems to be only available domestically).

Follow Ryukyu Blue Oceans on Twitter.

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