Elizabeth Miki Brina’s “Speak, Okinawa”

I’m looking forward to reading Speak, Okinawa (my mother is also from Okinawa — my father is a 3rd generation Japanese-American) as I’m sure I’ll find some similarities with my own childhood. Fortunately, I’m from Hawaii where there are many like me but there were still instances where I learned that I had a different childhood from other Japanese-Americans. An example that easily comes to mind is having a friend visit our home and remarking that there’s a lot of Japanese (it was actually a mix of items from both Okinawa and Japan) things. This was the first time I thought that we were somehow different from other Japanese-American families.

Sanshin no Hi March 4, 2021

The 29th annual Sanshin no Hi (さんしんの日) is taking place on Thursday, 4th March 2021 (“34 Day” Japan time). There will be 3 parts to the celebration with Part 1 featuring artists as China Sadahito 知名定人 (Sadao’s son), Matsuda Kazutoshi 松田一利, Hatoma Kanako 鳩間可奈子, and Miyara Kōsei 宮良康正 (my relative) among others. Part 2 will be a special performance and Part 3 will feature Yamakawa Mayumi 山川まゆみ, Yonaha Tōru よなは徹, Nakasone Hajime 仲宗根創, and Tokuhara Seibun 徳原清文 among others. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the celebration will be broadcast on the radio and will run from 11:45 AM to 9 PM. Hawaii time is March 3rd (Wednesday) from 4:45 PM. It looks like it’ll be streamed on YouTube via RBCi Radio or Music Shower Plus+ account.

Sanshin no Hi official website